Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tractor Time - Update and Off to Tennessee

You only get one tractor pic this time but it's an Oliver so ya know it's worth it. Heading out to Tennessee this morning before the sun rises somewhere South of Nashville a bit so I won't be back until Sunday more than likely.

Been getting all the final touches of the Winter preps in order this week. Covering up broken windows in the barn with plywood until I can replace them properly. Running extension cords for the tank heaters and getting all the batteries charged and the remote thermometers up and running once again. Wrapping the North and West windows in plastic and sealing up the basement door that I can't seem to fix properly no matter how much I try.

We actually had a thin layer of ice over the water tanks this morning. First time this year.

My neighbor down the road, the one who's dogs always come up here and hang out when he isn't around, was kind enough to give me 20 bales of two year old hay. Not good for feeding of course but perfect for my Winter foundation insulation needs. I ended up only using one bale of this years hay in the Winter preps.

Only thing left to do is actually plug in the tank heaters and I only do that when needed as I don'tlike the idea of leaving em going all the time in the barn.

I think I got enough wood already cut for Winter and the splitter has been serviced and is working great. The 861 has an appointment to go to the shop Monday for it's complete overhaul.

I only have one concern going into this trip.

This morning I found this broken egg shell on top of the back stack of hay bales inside the barn. It's obviously an egg I missed when I was checking yesterday but what worries me is something came into the barn and got up onto the stack of bales and ate this egg. I noticed it right after I let the chickens out this morning so I don't think it was one of them doing the bad deed and the dogs can't get back there. I may have a varmint hunting my eggs now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. as long as it is only hunting the eggs and not the hens it can be put on hold til you get back.

  2. Your tractor girls can hunt down the varmints while you are gone, probably a possum or coon, might even be a rat. Hard to tell unless you make some mud and put an egg out to try and get tracks.
    Ice on the water here as it was 23 last night.

  3. Ah, is it the picture of the Oliver that's worth it, or the Oliverette? ;)

    Sounds like you've done a good job of getting ready for winter! What's interesting about the egg is that the shell was left. Some varmints eat shell and all, but I don't know which. Would be good to research that.


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