Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Republic, if you can keep it.

Ever heard the phrase "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? Of course you have.  I haven't been making too many political opinion posts lately. Not because I am trying to keep from pissing people off or having a change of heart or anything. I just sometimes get tired of pointing out the same things over and over when they seem to have such little effect.

I really just despise hypocrites and can't abide half measures but on the subject of this declining empire we call the United States, and honestly the entire Western world in general, half measures, personal bias, and hypocritical squabbling over the crumbs is really all there is to be had these days.

It kinda reminds me of the old guys that hang out all day in the little town nearby. They complain about not getting approved for whatever assistance, benefit increase, etc. from the government and then turn around and scream about immigration or jump right on the "War on Women" bandwagon when somebody running for office mentions they are pro life, just to make their wives happy. What exactly did they think was going to happen when they publicly funded abortion and sacrificed everyone who came after them on the altar of the multi-cult? Even the government knows it can't run on a deficit forever and since we allowed our own birthrates to drop below replacement level they now have to import taxpayers to meet all these promises.

Want to stop the politicians from inviting in the entire world? Give up public pensions, social security, medicare/medicaid, Affirmative Action and all the rest. All of it. Not just those things you don't agree with while keeping the ones you use. Perhaps you think you worked for it and paid into it and we should keep them and just cut all welfare? OK , I am all for that and would agree 100%. Hell I paid into the system all my life as well but in 2015 the US spent half a trillion dollars on welfare. Care to guess what was spent on pensions? 1.2 trillion, another 1.3 on healthcare. Getting rid of one will not solve the problem. Getting rid of welfare won't even make a dent in the problem no matter how much I would like to see it gotten rid of.

I do not point these things out to piss anyone off because they collect social security or a pension. I point them out because it is the truth that the numbers expose.

Let's humor me for a minute here and just suppose we did stop all this government largess from flowing. What would happen? Basically the collapse many have been predicting anyway. In fact we are past the point of avoiding a collapse. Government spending touches each and every one of us. The only difference is how many hoops or how much crap each individual has to shovel to get it. When I deliver a car to a government employee it's government spending. Without all this spending our economy would come to almost a complete stop.

It's too early to start shooting and too late to change anything. The only thing we can do is be honest with ourselves and prepare for the crash. While it's very hard for 99% of the people out there to prepare it seems even harder for all of us to be honest with ourselves. So by all means stop immigration, open borders and welfare, I am with you 100%, just go into it with open eyes and remember if we are successful what the ultimate price will be and prepare for that eventuality. Have a plan for life not just survival of a couple of years.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I finally realized that it does no good to talk to people about where things are and where they are headed. Some can't comprehend it, others start blaming geroge bush and then global warming which will kill us all in a few years is brought up by others. I am surrounded by idiots it seems.
    Then I finally realized that I was talking with old guys like us who can't think out side of the propaganda box that they have been in for 40 years, I don't have the time or energy to deal with them. The younger people seem to be more willing to listen and I have seen some hope when they suddenly put 2 + 2 together. Many young people have the short end of the stick or are starting to see it and wonder why it is like this but nobody in the media or schools will tell them about the wrong road we have gone down. They can't do much about it but they can at least prepare with out a head full of lies clouding up what they are facing.

    1. Sf - I sometimes wonder how it is possible that all these old guys who just seemed to go along to get along just never thought how it would be effecting the ones who come after. I know many had daughters and all but even then a little empathy for what they were setting other young men up for would have been appropriate I think.

  2. I tend to be harder on those on the right for their hypocrisy because they are closer to my own inclinations, and thus my disappointment is more personal.

    But what on earth the folks on left are thinking at the moment really baffles me. They are occasionally semi-coherent on the collapse of middle income wages, but their solutions (if you can even really call them that) don't even attempt to look at real world number. The free college movement is bizarre. And the college protestors at UNC-Chapel Hill want a $25 minimum wage now for university employees. They don't have a clue that a lot of them are really going to struggle to make $25/hour (roughly $50,000 annual) when they get out of school in North Carolina.

    1. Russ - I know right. I feel the same way about all the ones on the right that can't seem to grasp that there is no money to pay what they think they are owed as well.

      Really though it comes down to deficit spending. No one understands that the government can really go broke.


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