Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Reading - Hay, Hay and Heat Everywhere

Well I almost got everything on my agenda done for today. OK. Maybe I got half done. The biggest "Must Do" on the list of course was we had to get all those square bales under cover, followed closely by having to get the baler cleaned out and under a tarp and the tractors put away. They are forecasting rain to possibly start tomorrow.

We have been under a heat wave now for a little over two weeks. Makes it great for cutting hay but miserable for hauling and throwing it about. It took my Son, My Mom and I almost five hours to get the 160 or so bales put away and I think it about killed my son. I know it about did me in.

We tossed as many of the bales as we could up in the loft but after about 60 or so we just couldn't physically do it any longer. We then switched to the electric wench. It worked lifting two bales at a time up there but was so damned slow it just wasn't worth it. Finally we just started stacking hay in every available nook we could find on the ground level of the barn.

The front section were the 8N and the two lawn mowers sleep. Along with the back section were I park the 861 diesel.

The back part of this stack is up against one of the ram's stalls and he was already having a snack between the boards while I was stacking the bales in there. We still have room for another 100 or so bales in the loft and I have a side room off the loafing shed in the horse pasture I can store more in too but I see I need to find a good used conveyor system for the loft. It's hard enough with my son's help to throw the bales up there if I am ever on my own I am screwed. The heat didn't help any either and it's still so humid the sweat just stays there and soaks your clothing.

I was talking to a friend who stopped by who has about 15 hens and he was complaining that the heat has made them almost stop laying completely. As a matter of fact we didn't get any eggs today either. The good news is as of almost sundown we haven't lost a chicken today. All were present and accounted for and one of the hens who was messing around in the front of the barn when I came in even squatted down when she saw me. I am guessing she is getting used to the place and me and also is about to start laying too.

The hens all seem to be accepting Rocky now and for his part I can tell Rocky can't wait until his four Barred Rock hens become of legal age. He leads them around watches over them so much it's almost comical and the other hens that would still like to see Rocky stewed can go off and do their own thing.

The chicken death from yesterday was actually the dogs again. We found her body across the road and nothing had been eaten. The dogs for their part are not going to like the consequences of this latest chicken killing. No I am not going to cull them but they are now getting a special yard area fenced off just for them when we are not around to watch them.

So anyway I got all the hay put away along with the tractors and baler plus most of the scattered tools and fuel cans picked up. I didn't get any work done on the new fence though. Guess I am pushing that back to tomorrow now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I bet that barn smells good with all that hay in it. I see those elevators on craigslist once in awhile, the kind with the square chain with grabs sticking up an it pulls the hay up with an electric motor. We have pieces of them here but they are shot, that is what I made a bridge out of.
    Our dog is in a large lot when we aren't watching her, it is big enough for a couple calves so she has plenty of room. It is next to the chicken lot so she can see them and got use to chickens and doesn't chase them anymore.

    1. Sf - I noticed the new hay smell the first couple of days but today I was so tired and hot I barely noticed it at all. I am sure that will change cause it does smell nice.

      That's basically what we are doing with these two now. We are enclosing in a small yard behind mom's cabin and we are going to start putting them in there when we are not here to watch them. Both times they have killed a hen has been when they were alone so we know they are just waiting.


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