Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hauling Hay and a Chicken Update

I cut the bottom half of the hayfield today and then hauled out the bales I had on the ground. I only broke three out of the 54.

I must have stirred something up while mowing because this Redtail Hawk was all over something in the field while I was picking up bales.

Mrs. PP started out driving the tractor but she didn't have enough lead in her behind to get the clutch pedal down all the way even when standing up so I had to drive and load while Mrs. PP played cheerleader.

The BIG news of the day however was the chicken situation. Rocky took to his first day as the only rooster with grim determination to NOT screw up. I never saw him chase or even mount a hen all day. In fact all I saw him do was cluck at them softly and try and get them to follow him out into the main barn area. That is when he wasn't bringing them food.

He has a tough row to hoe with the Red and Black hens however. They did not want him near them if they could help it.

They just weren't too ready to trust Rocky yet but I did see a couple of them out and about a few times. The barn lot itself went from a rooster crow every 2 to 3 minutes to maybe one every half hour tops. A couple of times I actually had to go check to see if the chickens were even still around it was so quiet. At one point I went to check on them and Rocky was sitting outside the cage of the isolated hen trying to drop morsels of food inside to her. Never mind the fact she already had a bowl of that food in there with her. Rocky seems very worried about her.

At feeding time when I was putting the sheep grain into the feeder troughs Rocky called his staunchest followers out to him. The four young Barred Rock hens followed Rocky everywhere he called them today. If Rocky was away from the coop at least three of the four were right there with him all day. Rocky started getting the grain out of the feeders and laying it on the ground in front of the young hens. The Red and Black hens may not trust Rocky yet but the four Barred Rock hens have accepted him as King, Master and Protector now.

It seems without the other rooster around Rocky now can relax and attempt to become the rooster he is suppose to be.

All was peace and bliss all day until roosting time when the hens started having issues among themselves and tried to kick the four Barred Rock hens and Littlebit out of the coop and roost area. Now the Hamburg hen is roosting in the ram's stall and two of the Barred Rock hens are on top of the coop where I can't get to them.

Great I fixed one problem only to now have a new one develop in the wonderful world of chicken drama.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. After a while, you will be able to ignore the chickens and all of their various problems. We don't even have any with names now, they don't care. I think they enjoy themselves though as there are no escape attempts unless there is an obvious hole in the fencing somewhere but usually only one will figure out what a hole is and then it won't wander off far from the flock. Eat, drink and be merry and lay eggs, that is their world.

    1. Sf - I hope so. So far they have been pretty high maintenance and they go through the water too let me tell you. I rarely see them drinking but their two hanging water things are almost empty at the end of the day.

  2. Great job getting the hay loaded. You must have been very tired after getting on & off that tractor all day. Not to mention the actual picking up of the bales! I guess I never knew that roosters would feed their harem. Learn something new every day.

    1. DFW - I never really knew it either. I am becoming an old hand at getting on and off the tractors although the throttle won't stay open on the diesel and I have a bungy cord I use to hold it open and sometimes I get my foot caught in it.

  3. PP,

    Mrs. PP trying to help you with the hay process. Your clutch is too stiff for her to push. Have you tried breaking that clutch in to make it easier for Mrs. PP ?
    That's a good harvest of hay PP, good job!!!

    The chicken drama is like watching a soap opera, lol.....
    There's always something going on with those chickens.

    1. Sandy - LOL that clutch stopped being stiff before I was born she is just too damned small :)

      Man the chicken drama is really getting on my nerves.

  4. Sounds like Rocky will step up to the plate.

    At least Mrs. PP has attempted the tractor! I can't say the same. :)


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