Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Arrrrghhhhrrr Mfluuuuump I Need a Clone

I spent the entire day working on the damned fence in the back of the hay field. My Son and I got the thing stretched along with the top barbed wire to keep the horses from leaning over it and eating the neighbor's yard.

After it was stretched and temporarily tied into place here and there I started crimping on the wire ties. Fifty some odd T-posts worth of wire ties times six ties per post. There was no end to the wire ties. The sun started to get low in the sky and I still had ten more T-posts to do.

I thought I could make it. I opened the big bag of wire ties because the ones that come with the T-posts are never enough, and discovered that I had the wrong type.

I cussed, I stomped around in impotent fury, I threw things but it did no good as the proper wire ties did not magically appear.

Now I am scheduled to work every day for the next three days until evening time and I have no clue when I will be able to finish the fence even if I do manage to swing by and get the proper wire ties.

The lawns are also about a week behind needing mowing too and to make matters worse as I went outside to do the feeding this evening the door knob broke on the outside door.

I may not be posting much for the next few days I am so far int he weeds at this point and of course the days are now getting noticeably shorter.

I need a clone or these damned Tractor girls are going to need to do something besides posing all day.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I am not thrilled with those wire ties and have used regular wire instead but I have to admit that my fence has never been as pretty as your new one. The animals probably stand around and admire it. We finally got rain.

    1. Sf - Once I got the hang of the little tool used to twist them around I really liked them but at the bottom of the wovenwire where the squares are too small for the tool to spin around they are a real pain.

      We got a little rain last night. About half an inch but it did help. The temps dropped about five degrees so that helped too but the humidity is still way up and I am getting a bit tired of constantly being wet all the time. We are suppose to be getting a cold front tomorrow or Friday though and that will be nice.

  2. I could use someone just to untangle the bag full of wire ties.

  3. I have some-one coming to do fencing for me, with hubby on here at the week end and we are on shale so some-one with the proper equipment and time is needed, I sometimes think I need two of me you will get it done must say I havent seen fencing like that before :-)

  4. It's funny when you have no time things always get worse. When we got back from holiday the washing machine broke so I had to fix that, then the light switch to our room and the tractor wouldn't start. Stops life getting dull though!

  5. Wire tie issues or not, that fence looks good!

  6. Time, money, or energy: Pick two. That's the matrix I've been working under for years...

  7. I feel your pain. Just wait old man winter is coming early this year. Make sure your ready to plow.

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