Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Reading - A Busy but Peaceful Day

Sorry no pictures today and a later than usual Sunday post. I got up quite a bit earlier for a Sunday than usual because the master cylinder went out in my old POS get around cheaply car. Basically it had no brakes to speak of so I was taking it to the shop early in the morning when no one was on the roads. I had my dad pick me up and he suggested breakfast and Mrs. PP came with and then wanted to go to a consignment sale and of course my dad said that was a wonderful idea.

SO I was pretty much kidnapped for most of the morning.

Then I had to put side railing on the car hauler trailer we bought a few months back and so it was late afternoon before I even started tearing down the old rotting fence at the back of the hay field. I then worked on that until dusk when  had to stop to put the chickens to bed and feed the sheep their grain.

Several of the butcher Whethers are fattening up nicely I might add and most of the ewes have replaced the lost weight from birthing and nursing too.

I still have one little Whether lamb that has a bit of a swollen jaw from the Barber Pole worms but he seems to be improving.

The hens had a wonderfully relaxing, peaceful day as well. Although the seven who are ignored by the roosters were not as pleased as the six who are getting all the attention. Even the hen that was acting dead and had the bloody head was up and alert in the dog kennel every time I checked on her. Those hens ate a huge amount of food too as I am thinking the roosters were keeping them from eating as well.

I'm going to give em one more day and if nothing has come up as far as the prospective new home I am going to remove Bullwinkle from the scene and see what happens with just Rocky around. If he tries the same crap then he is going to get axed as well.

Last night when I removed the roosters from the coop Rocky screamed like a guy getting his arm amputated with an old rusty saw. I mean he screamed the entire time I was carrying him out the door and then screamed a bit without a break after I put him down. I guess he thought he was just going right into the pot or something. Bullwinkle ran like a coward but I got him herded out the door. Both of them moved to right on top of the coop above the roost poles and over nighted there.

This morning Rocky would make several forays out into the barn lot but Bullwinkle just spent the entire day pacing along the two indoor sides of the coop looking for a way in to the hens. By the end of the day both roosters were doing the constant patrol thing but I am thinking that without Bullwinkle there constantly bothering the hens maybe Rocky will be more at ease and leave em alone himself. So that is the next trial. Besides with just one rooster I can stop looking for more hens and maybe have a more peaceful time until the remaining seven begin laying.

After the way they been seeing the older hens treated though the seven young girls may have been scared out of becoming sexually active. I wouldn't blame them one bit. I also wouldn't blame Littlebit if she ran away knowing that one of those big bruts were going to have their way with her. I swear I think Rocky will break her in half.

At least keeping the roosters and hens separated today pretty much proves that my theory was correct and it was all because of the roosters. SO Bullwinkle's fate is not sealed yet but we at least know for sure he isn't going to be here more than another day or so tops.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. So much drama in chicken land but it will eventually settle down to occasional verbal outbursts from hens as they get upset for unknown reasons. Sometimes I expect to find a square egg after all of the noise.

  2. One cockerel is enough for me. I say put the other in the pot, roast with the breasts and curry the legs. Job done!

  3. PP,

    It's time for chicken stew, or pot pie!!!

  4. Roosters are a pain. I have had chickens before, the roosters end up stewed


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