Friday, May 1, 2015

Saturday Catch Up

Gonna go ahead and combine Friday and Saturday posts together since I am running so late and have a full day for tomorrow starting at pre-dawn once again. I also need to catch up on a few things I missed or forgot about posting during the week too.

For one our first Hummingbird arrived last Sunday. About Mid week he was joined by another Male and then a Female yesterday. The first Hummingbird is always a landmark Springtime event and I usually use it as a sign that I really need to get my Spring inspections finished because I am always lagging behind on them.

I opened up the hive that was holding the swarm from earlier this week and added in the missing frames I had left out. The swarm was too big as a clump to put all the frames in when I hived it so I wanted to give them a few days before messing with them too much.

I then finished Spring inspections for all the Garden Hives and actually added a second brood chamber to Henricopolis, the hive that swarmed. It was jam packed with bees even after the swarm/split which means this must be a boomer hive. I gave them a full brood chamber of drawn out comb from the Jamestown deadout which is kinda fitting since Henricopolis was a split from Jamestown to begin with. This way they can just go right into building up. Their top Medium super was already full of honey too.

The Pumpkin patch is officially planted now. I am eager to see if the Pumpkins manage to sprout quick enough to get up there and compete with the weeds that will come back. I don't plan on weeding the patch at all I just want to see how the whole thing works and if the Pumpkins can compete with the standard range of weeds and grasses we get. I am pretty sure the Pumpkins can hold their own and more than likely out compete some weeds but I bet the Fescue, Johnson Grass and Blue Stem sneaks through and get's taller than the Pumpkin vines.

Tomorrows agenda includes a trip into town to pick up some more garden plants, broadcasting the Buckwheat and finishing up Spring inspections and adding surplus supers to the hayfield hives. If I have any time left over I will start on the fencing project stage two.


Gonna have to start the mowing routine again within the next few days.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

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  1. Oh if there was only a magic cure for grass in a garden, sigh. We have bermuda which is so very hard to keep at bay & too tough to dig up by hand.


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