Friday, May 8, 2015

Saturday Catch Up - Buckwheat Sprouting

My 40 hours in three days work schedule is now over so I can start getting back to regular posting and commenting. At least I will after I recover tomorrow. I been working part time for so long now I am not used to these long hours of boring tedium any longer.

Predictably where I was once almost all caught up on chores around here I am now way behind once again. I caught another swarm in the trap in town that needs to be removed and placed in a permanent position but of course with all the rain we got today it is now going to require a fair bit of walking in the dark as it's too muddy to drive into. I need to get back to work on stage 2 of the fence project and the new woodenware I had started building has been sitting idle for three days.

Still I need the cash since this small farming thing barely brings in a profit yet. At least not enough of one to live on yet.

As I mentioned we got rain last night (just a slight bit) and then early this morning and all day. My gauge is showing over an inch and a half and along with the wonderful rain the Buckwheat is now sprouting. It's pretty patchy so far but that could only be because some of the seeds are slower than the others but I have noticed the Black birds have been hitting the Buckwheat patch heavy since I planted, they may have scarfed up some of the seeds. I will give the rest of the seeds another couple of days and if the sprouting is still patchy I will reseed the bare areas.

I also noted that some of the Pumpkin seeds have sprouted in the other worked up area and so are the pole beans for this years breeding program.

Like I said we really needed this rain.

So tomorrow I start doing catch up which is why I am posting this tonight. Excuse me why I go sleep for like 12 hours straight.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Only a true prepper knows how much time is involved in day to day life, then throw in a part time job and the time is gone. I guess the guys eating MREs and playing with guns have time to sit around and watch TV but that isn't realistic in the long term.
    A guy came into work looking for something to kill honey bees that were coming up in locations all around his yard, they were the underground kind and smaller than the regular ones. We kept trying to tell him they weren't honey bees but he just laughed at us like we were idiots. His big concern was to find a poison that wouldn't hurt his grass. My only solution was to send him to the agriculture extension agent in town as they would be interested in his rare honey bees. Too bad you aren't closer, I would have sent you over there to catch those rare ground bees, might be hard to keep the dirt out of the honey though.

  2. PP,

    I can ship you some of our rain, we picked up over 16 inches of rain in the last 4 days and it's still rain. Plenty of flooding down this way. Good to hear your garden is sprouting buck wheat, pumpkin, and beans.

    Get sleep!!!


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