Friday, May 29, 2015

Another Step Down the Decline Ladder

It's really hard to contemplate the slow grind we been going through over the last six or seven years. It is sometimes difficult to remember that the ones really causing the decline also want to keep it as slow as possible. I know for those of us of a prepper or sustainer bent that is a concept so alien we almost cannot even understand it.

Of course a large part of the problem is simply an inability to look reality in the face. Many of those pulling slamming their foot down hard on the accelerator of the car going over the cliff don't really understand that there is another car going over the same cliff but with a different name next to them.

We have the debt and financial car, the dwindling energy and other resources car, over population which might really be a trailer behind the resource car. The Die-versity, Feminism and political correctness car which drafts really well behind the finance car using it's momentum to carry it along. Which one of these is going to be the final vehicle that carries us over the cliff is hard to say but we can chronicle the slow progress they make as they go.

This time the debt car is pulling ahead and showing us the first view of this latest step down.

Pension Payments are Starving Basic City Services

In Oakland, police officers were given the option in 2010 to contribute 9 percent of their salary into their pensions and save 80 police jobs, or keep paying nothing into their pensions and see 80 jobs eliminated. The police union voted to continue paying nothing. Now the department refuses to respond to 44 different crimes because of the staffing cutbacks. Any pension system that forces this trade-off is immoral by threatening life and property.

Read the entire article but let the above paragraph really sink in. Ever so slowly we are each and every one of us going to be more and more on our own as local, State and Federal governments are forced to abandon those duties they are Constitutionally mandated to supply in favor of paying Pensions.

Of course Kalifornia, Illinois, New Jersey and other Femocrat strongholds are the first to start this type of thing but rest assured even States that proclaim themselves to be in the Black are not really sustainable especially once the ball starts rolling.  A few isolated incidents aside the problem is now becoming more and more common and a precedence has now been set.

Another huge step down the ladder with more to follow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!

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  1. I used to think about all of the people who are totally dependent on someone else to supply their food and heating needs, that was amazing. Now so much more of their time is being invested in the social media world, a place that sucks up so much time that there was a story of people starting to get thumb injuries from smart phones. Anyway with all of your cars going over the cliff, I suspect that the drivers will all be texting as they go over the edge.

    1. Snort :)

      Ya know I walked into a gas station last night with two pretty young girls working the counter and two guys hanging out I am sure just to be there with them. Yet when I walked in all four of them had their noses pressed to the phones texting. I had to chuckle.

  2. Not only this, but police are now going to be mentally checking themselves so they don't get in trouble. Pretty soon they are gonna to become less inclined to put themselves in harm's way, then , anarchy..


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