Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tractor Time - Little Asian Number

Noooo sorry gentlemen no pictures of Kubota's, Yanmars or whatever with sleek attachments today. I thought about it but really I didn't have time.

I finally sold that White Elephant tiller I been messing with for months. I had to have a PTO shaft custom made for it which wasn't really all that more expensive than what a new one costs to be honest. I also had to load it up and deliver it to the buyers house about 60 miles North of me. Then I had to learn how to operate his tractor and unload it myself.

Not really sure how that works that the old boy either couldn't or didn't know how to operate his own tractor but I got a crash course in operating some little Asian number today.

It looked a lot like the one above (At least it was Red and Boxy looking anyway) which I understand is something called a Jinma. It was a diesel and had an after market Koyker front end loader. There was no name brand or logo on the thing anywhere I could find other than the aftermarket front end loader that is. It also had a four speed PTO control so I am pretty sure this guy got a good tiller he can use.

I never did find the throttle either I just used it at the low setting it was at.

It was a four speed transmission but had a separate gear shift for the speed and one for forward and reverse. SO I guess it had four speeds forward and four reverse. I never got it out of 1st gear either direction. When I finally got the tiller unloaded and set where he wanted it I couldn't even figure out how to shut the tractor off as it had that diesel thing going on where you can turn the key off and the engine keeps running. The left front tire was so low on air it actually started coming off the rim by the time I was finished but the guy didn't seem a bit concerned. All the writing on the controls was in Chinese or Korean or some stick letter alphabet.

Honestly the whole thing was just very strange but a learning experience and I did make a little bit of a profit off the transaction. Of course if you averaged out the money I made by the amount of time it took me to figure out what that tiler was and what it would run on and get it ready to sell,  I think I made about .25 cents an hour overall.

Oh well live and learn.

And if you stuck with this story this long you deserve a reward.....

There's a little Asian number for ya.

So I managed to unload that tiller and make a little bit of cash to put towards buying a tiller I can actually use. Not a bad day I guess.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I suspect the tractor came with a driver like the one that you pictured but the guy didn't want to show off so he let you drive it. Why else would someone buy a tractor like that?

  2. PP,

    I'll stick with John Deere!!!! So tell me PP, did you factor in the cost of gas to deliver the tiller to the farm in your profit?


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