Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As Baltimore Burns Wild Mustard Blooms

The Redbuds and most of the fruits have all finished blooming along with the Dogwoods but now the ground flowers are pitching in to do their part. The wild Mustard is popping up in fields all over with their bright yellow blooms and I noticed in at my Dad's place (About 5 miles South of me) when I was mowing yesterday that the Dutch Clover is starting to bloom in there.

Dutch Clover is in my opinion the make or break honey crop of the year around here. Oh sure there are other important flow blooms like the Black and Honey Locust, the various spindly field clovers in White and Yellow, Dandelions and an assortment of trees but the Dutch Clover is the important all Summer long mainstay blooms for nectar. If it gets so dry that the Dutch Clover begins to shrivel up then I know I am in serious trouble and need to start feeding the girls sugar syrup.

As I took a break this afternoon from stringing up the last 100 feet or so of woven wire I browsed the news feeds while relaxing on the porch. 60 years of victim politics coming to a head once again. I haven't the time to worry about it over much right now. Out here there is fence to be put up and 1000 other chores that must be finished each day. Oh I have my opinions of course, many of you have read them here before, but we are entering the final phase of the Feminist lead Multi-Cult great social engineering and wealth redistribution experiment. Anyone who runs even a small farm and deals with reality on a daily basis could tell you how it was going to end up and Baltimore is just the latest example.

Two more gates to hang and I am finished with Stage One of the fencing project. I can then start letting the ewes and lambs out during the day and focus a little on the various garden projects and maybe get the Buckwheat planted plus start devoting more time to the bees once again before starting Stage Two. I also need to collect some more posts for Stage Three yet.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. baltimore shmaltimore! jam's got to dig out the canoe and i have to get the chinese cabbage planted in the ground.

    love you buddy! your friend,

    1. Kymber - Hey isn't it trout time up there again?

  2. Let me know if you see a riot in an area not controlled by liberal progressives.
    We have wild turnips here, whole areas turn yellow and you can hear the bees from a distance. Still in the 30s at night so a lot of other plants are still waiting. I have hundreds of tobacco plants sprouting so that adventure has begun thanks to you. I do have to explain why I am growing it, in today's world, it is almost like growing an illegal substance, how soon we forget what it once was in Virginia.

    1. Sf - Sweet I had been wondering if the seed heads I sent ya would sprout. I am relieved that they are but I was almost 100% sure that was a viable seed top I clipped off.

      Virginia needs Tobacco I think.

      I have had a few people ask me if it is legal for me to grow the stuff. It's my understanding that as long as you don't sell it it is perfectly fine. I know here in Missouri you have to have a permit to actually grow it for profit and they strictly regulate how much is grown.

    2. I know you have to have some kind of allotment to grow it here but I suspect it is for profit, I won't ask, the drug choppers may fly over and send armored vehicles in to take out my plants but we will see. You would think that the government would have enough battles to fight without having a war on tobacco. I know they have a patch of it at the Booker T. Washington historic site near here, it is a pretty weed.


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