Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Walking Dead - Western World Entertainment Zombies

Ya it's been a while since I did a "Walking Dead" re-hash but I ain't doing one now either to be honest except to point out a few things. It never ceases to amaze me how much power the entertainment industry holds over such a vast majority of people. Over the years I have also often found myself wondering what kind of internal check and balances that very same industry must have to keep it's ranks almost in lock step with whatever social propaganda they want to push at any given time.

For instance these days it seems to be Gay Relationships. Not that I give a damn who someone wants to have a relationship with or how they want to manifest that relationship. Yet the entertainment industry must have some kind of memo sent out that directs each series, no matter what network or production company, to all present the issue of the day in a favorable light. Never mind actual real world statistics this is a fantasy land where they can be made up as they go.

I certainly don't have to pick on "The Walking Dead" specifically for this social brainwash messaging. This latest season of new releases that I occasionally view is full of them. From "Vikings" having to parade Women warriors around (I am surprised they don't put them in chain mail bikinis since it would be just about as realistic) to "Black Sails" making Captain Flint (Of "Treasure Island" fame) gay as well. "Grimm" has been battling breed purist Nazi monsters, all of them manifested as White Males when not in Volga (Shifted) form of course. Not a Female monster among the entire monster community seems to share the same feelings. They burn symbols that look suspiciously cross-like in the yards of mixed-specie couples. Ya know because it's perfectly natural for Werewolves to mate with witches in loving relationships and all that. If you think differently your just a racist.

The thing is this entertainment industry social programming is as insidious as government welfare spending. You can call it what it is and point out the blatant brainwashing but if you look at the entire industry eventually you end up offending just about everybody, which is more the point of this post.

What happened to critical thinking and the average person's ability to notice when they are being manipulated? I realize many just don't care much about the propaganda and will tell anyone who points it out they are full of it just because they are argumentative old geezers themselves. Still the danger this social engineering produces can be easily documented especially when teamed up with the Multi-Cult dominated education scam/industry we have. I have literally seen young people who believe movies like "Inglorious Bastards" are historical documentaries believe it or not.

Perhaps though the fault is mine. Maybe I give too much credit in thinking most people are deep thinkers and able to disassociate their feelings and emotions from fantasy.  Perhaps they just get sucked into the moment and honestly don't see the hidden message. That may explain a lot.

Sharpening your mind and paying attention to details and propaganda is just as much a survival trait as being able to make a fire without matches. We should all keep that in mind.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I was thinking that all the show needs now are a couple of hot women in their late 20's who were high school teachers before the zombie apocalypse happened who are chasing Carl around trying to have sex with him.

  2. Haven't seen the walking dead in ages but I know what you mean about programmes being all inclusive. Adverts are the same. They seem to have to have someone from every group to seem right nowadays.

  3. All about target markets. Have to makes sure you get a link to every potential market - which is probably why I have not seen TV in ages. I am not in the target market for shows.

  4. You are giving the average American way too much credit. It is all about bread and circuses. Even 2000 years ago, the Roman PTBs had it figured out. As long as the TVs and movies keep coming, as long as the stores still have stuff on the shelves, as long as the electricity still comes, as long as the guberment checks still come, the average person will just stick their head in the sand and pretend everything is just hunky dory. They don't even notice the slow, incremental politically correct BS being shoved down their throats. I think it was Stalin that said give me your children for one year of schooling and I will own them forever. You can convince the sheeple of anything if you do it the way they are doing it now. Whether it is feminism, racism, gays, or social justice, just feed it to us in small doses, over and over, then the majority of us will accept it willingly enough.


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