Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Catch Up

It really hasn't been much of week to get any Homestead or Prepping related stuff done. Except for one warm day it's just been too damned cold to do more than stock up/split firewood, feed the critters and watch the pipes this week. I did get a larger water tank put in for the second generation ewes that have been bred. They had been using a smaller 25 gallon tank and I had to re-fill it almost daily. Now they have a much larger 50 gallon tank so I can go two days without turning the water line down to the barn on when the temps dip down into single digits. That line is usually the only one I have any issues with and because it's only outlets are the spigots it cannot be made to drip slowly. I also installed a drain spigot on that line earlier this Winter so now when I shut it off I can also drain it completely and that has made a world of difference.

I got a good long list of stuff that needs doing. From getting the sickle mower ready to finishing the tear down on the fence and plenty of others in between. It's just been too damned cold to get motivated to do much of anything. This morning I did get out and got a load of deadwood cut from over at the old farm. Just mostly small stuff, blow downs and the like but enough to add some nice flame to the split oak logs.

We are being pelted by another snow storm this afternoon and it looks as if this one may dump a good bit of snow on us. Maybe even enough for me to get the tractor and blade out for a change, that's the reason I went and cut today rather than waiting for Sunday. If the snow continues like they are predicting I guess tomorrow will be seed planting day for the Tomatoes and Peppers.

Need to get that done soon anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. We are cold and frozen in the morning then mud in the afternoon. Calling for freezing rain overnight and rain tomorrow. More mud but at least it will finally be March.

  2. I'm bitter because we need the rain but I'd like weather I can do some things in.

  3. PP,

    It sure seems like our lists of things to do, along with the preparation for spring is getting longer thanks to this weather. I'm over the cold, trying real hard to not think about the arthritis pain.....and keep chugging along to get what can be done.....done.

    This afternoon the weather finally warmed to a whopping 35 degrees and some of the snow and ice is melting. Expecting rain tonight, which will turn to ice (ice rink) for driving.

    Stay warm!!!


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