Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moving Round Bales with the Ford 861 Diesel

We had just enough hay left on one bale to finish feeding this morning. After chucking the morning hay over the fence the sheep were looking at us saying "Excuse us but what ya going to give us for dinner now?"

We called the round bale mover neighbor with the big New Holland who has been putting the bales out for us but he wasn't home.

So it was time for the acid test. Could I move the 5'x5' round bales with the 861? According to the specs on the tractor and the fact that these bales were not really all that tight I figured I could. I estimate the bales only weighed in at 600 pounds maybe 700 tops but I don't have any weight on the old girl's front end either. Perhaps she needed a boob job to do this gig?

The sheep didn't care they just wanted round bales where they could see em. We had five bales out in front of the barn but I didn't relish the thought of wheel barrowing the hay to the sheep and the horses really needed a new bale out too.

So I put the hay fork on the 3 point and speared me a bale. It lifted it up easily enough and the front end stayed firmly on the ground too.

Got the first three bales delivered with no problems now time to take one out for the old nag horses.

No I didn't pour poison over the bale before taking it out. I thought about it though.

Here we are almost to the hay ring to deliver the last bale. The donkey wasn't in any big hurry to get the hell out of my way either as you can see. She resented the fact that I was coming at her with that loud thing even if I was delivering food. She hates me anyway :)

So at least I now know for certain I can move the smaller sized round bales easily enough even without front weights in place. Of course I can't put the bale into the ring with the tractor.  I have to set it down and then flip the ring over the bale but that's no biggy, I have to get off and cut the strings anyway. The neighbor actually uses his spike to take the bindings off the round bales when he delivers em himself and never get's out of his cab but he is a professional and has a front spike.

The front end did come off the ground once when I was going over some ruts but all in all the entire operation went smooth. I think before I try moving any larger or tighter bales though I am going to purchase some front weights for the tractor.

One more logistics problem is solved though and you all actually got to see a picture of me for a change. I don't allow that to happen very often :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. That looks good, but you need to let one of the tractor girls drive when you are taking photos.
    My little Ferguson wouldn't have done the job thus my fleet of wheelbarrows.

    1. Sf - The tractor girls don't really like to do test drives. They prefer the tried and true stuff so they won't get too dirty. I can kinda appreciate that :)

  2. A little kid playing with his new toy.

    1. Rob - Playing implies I didn't get any work done though.

    2. Be careful your O.M. is starting to show. That was on behalf of the Wild Canadian


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