Monday, February 2, 2015

Midwest Groundhog Day Prediction - Early Spring

The sun is shining brightly here today and so if the groundhogs came out they would in fact have seen their shadow and we would be in for six more weeks of Winter weather.

The appropriate word there is IF....

It's also like 8 degrees this morning with a light covering of snow and ice from yesterday and last night. Everything is frozen stiff and no self respecting ground hog would be coming out of his or her lair under these conditions. If left to their own devices and common sense they certainly would not be seeing any shadows today.

Believe me I was ready too. I went out and found one of their holes and was waiting there to put the rodent into the cross hairs before it could see any shadows but there was no need.

In case it warms up a bit before the sun goes down I did roll a hay bale over the hole so the rodent won't be coming out anytime soon.

You're welcome....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Ahhh prevention is said to be better than cure my man.

  2. PP,

    LOL!!!!! I saw this picture and phrase and laughed. It's time for a little warmth, I'm already tired of the cold. 7 degrees with the wind chill this morning. It won't be warming up until Saturday for us. On Saturday, were going fishing. Hopefully, we will catch some trout. This season the trout is from Nebraska, only one person has caught trout in the last 3 visits to Dolese pond and there was about 40 people out there fishing......strange! We still have trout from last season in the freezer but it's always nice to have more (yep, I'm being greedy).

    I like your sneaky cure of rolling the hay bale over the hole to prevent the little critter from peaking out.

  3. Thanks!!! Maybe someday I can return the kindness! No more winter!

  4. It is strange how we look to ridiculous weather forecasters like groundhogs and al gore.

  5. My day was made when I saw the one groundhog bite the mayors ear...

  6. Hopefully it'll work for your area. We've been chilly here in Central FL, but we've never gotten a freeze this far south, so far this year. Typically we get them starting in November, spotty days and not usually long enough to really kill off any bugs, but for FL anything below 60 degrees is really cold.

    Stay warm and keep the Ground Hog covered up!

  7. this post and pic would have been soooooo much funnier if it was Grumpy Cat - i loooove Grumpy Cat! bhahahahahaha!

    love you too buddy! your friend,

  8. OK admit that photo is of you after a busy month with no time for a hair cut and shave.


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