Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Truck Needs a Vacation

No she hasn't broken down or anything. Hasn't even complained at all but the poor old girl has been getting used more than she is used to the last few weeks.

It started off hauling the fence posts and wire for the new bee area then we cut and split a load plus a trailer full two Sunday's ago and also cut a truck load the Saturday before as well. Unloaded those the same day and split a load Monday then began hauling the bee hives and stands which means I used her almost everyday last week. She got to rest one day on Friday but then was shaken out of bed Saturday again to haul six RR ties in for the gravel footing. Turned right around Sunday and cut another load of wood which was unloaded this morning to go get more gravel to fill in behind the RR ties. I cleaned her bed out and then promptly took her to the barn and split another full load of wood.

Typically the old girl has a busy week if she is used more than one day out of the seven.  Right now she has had one day of rest out of 13.

Hopefully things will begin to settle down a bit here now though. The little cabin thing was delivered and set up this afternoon and is ready for the wiring and insulation process to begin. Not sure how my Mother is going to be happy living in a 20'x35' cabin (with a loft) but she swears it's what she wants. I was pretty happy with myself in the fact that my eyeball leveling job and bobcat work (courtesy of my neighbor) was level enough that only one small six inch section needed to have some gravel moved under it. It also ended up having about a three foot gravel edge around the entire thing for Mom to put potted plants and stuff out. I shoveled about the last foot all around by hand off the back of the truck this morning.

She has a little porch that faces out towards the barn so she can watch the lambs play in the Spring and Summer and be able to keep an eye out in case any predators come a calling.

Of course it's going to take me a year or more to repair all the ruts in the yard because of this little project and we got that heavy rain Friday and Saturday that turned the entire area into a muddy, soft mess right before the heavy equipment arrived too. We also used my behind the barn gravel so that is going to need replacing.

At least the hard part for me is done now. Maybe I can catch back up on the wood splitting the rest of this week.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Yep, she needs a vacation. Perhaps she'll take you along, too. :)

    1. RP - Her vacation kinda means she won't be going anywhere I imagine. Maybe a droid lube bath? LOL

  2. Mine is just sitting as it is too muddy to get off the road here so I am splitting and stacking wood in the woods so it will dry out some. When the mud freezes one day it will be like a paved road.

    1. Sf - Ya it does get better once it freezes. We never seem to get enough of a long freeze here to make much difference though. Maybe a day here and there anymore. Even last year the ground only stayed frozen solid enough to drive on a few days tops with each blast that came down.


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