Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tractor Time : A Little of This a Little of That

Rained here all night and some this morning. I waited until I was sure I wasn't going to get called into work and then began cleaning out the barn after going to vote.

Not much to take pictures of or write about just cleaning out old feed sacks and 50 years of junk.

I couldn't even get the tractor girls to help with any of it. I did find some brand new tie downs still in the bag and a bunch of forgotten about electric fence accessories.

The tractor girls are telling me they are about done for the year though. Apparently they don't really appreciate the cold, snowy or rainy weather. Maybe it's just the way they dress?

As usual click for a larger image.


  1. You can never have too many tie downs a truism there for ya

  2. Those girls have some fine muscles, they must be doing some kind of work around there. You are lucky to have so many running around helping you with your vast fleet of tractors.


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