Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tractor Time - Working Overtime

Sorry all. Got called into work this morning and then they talked me into making a run South through a huge line of storms. Traffic was backed up for miles and moving at a crawl and I am beat.

So here are some more tractor pics for your enjoyment.

See they do get some work accomplished when I am away.

As usual click for a larger image. I will try and get comments caught up and maybe a post later tonight if I don't collapse first.


  1. the girls are busy here too.

  2. Your water bill is pretty high what with all of the tractor washing that goes on around there, they spend more time showing off than working. I would have to discipline those girls.

  3. Ug my mother is driving me to the airport in Springfield tomorrow, I fly out at five thirty. You know, the worst time in these parts for storms. I am making her take me way early to the airport because I worry about her driving back by herself.


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