Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Reading - The Wood Cutting Season Begins

Sorry I didn't have a regular Sunday Reading post up for today. I had one in mind and started when I got a call from a co-worker who had a family problem involving the sudden Oak tree death disease that's been killing all the Oaks around here and about a dozen trees that were threatening to fall on their buildings.

To make a long story short they been cutting and hauling and cutting these trees from around their buildings and simply have no more room or time to get em all in before Winter and asked me if I wanted in on the action.  It was a bit of a drive but I am not turning down free firewood, especially Oak and ones that are already felled and the thin branches removed besides no fighting through brush to get to em.

In fact for the first time I can remember I already have enough firewood lined up from people begging me to come get it to last all Winter and then some. I shouldn't have to even touch my own wood lot this year at all.

As much as I hate to see all these magnificent old Oak trees dying I have to admit it's been a blessing in the wood cutting department. Every where I drive South of the Missouri river the landscape is dotted with dead Oak trees with their bare branches sticking up from among the green canopy. In all the years I have been burning my stoves and furnaces I have never had so much Oak to choose from. In fact Oak used to be a rare treat because the trees lived so long and if I had any I saved it for those really cold nights when I needed a slow burning hot fire all night.

Looks like this year is going to be almost exclusively Oak though except for the two cords of left over Locust I have from last year.

So anyway I brought a truck and trailer load home with me today and cut at least another load ready for next weekend and there is still ten or more trees left for me. By the time I got it home and unloaded dinner was ready and I am too beat to do a real post this evening.

I did get to try out my new saw though :)

Picked up a Jonsered 20 inch saw last weekend. I have owned a Jonsered 16 inch saw for almost 30 years now and the only thing that has ever went wrong on it was a pull rope breaking and a new spark plug and it still runs like a top and starts almost on the first pull. So I splurged a bit and bought this one in the hopes they are still made to the same quality. I am getting tired of wearing out a cheap saw every year. Of course this one better last three years to be more economical than replacing a cheap one every year if you get my meaning.

I must say though that the new saw cut like a dream. Started right up and felt good in the hands although it is a bit heavy but that extra two inches sure made a difference.

Anyway off to bed and not looking forward to the muscle aches I know are going to greet me in the morning.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I like your new saw...once you are done with that, feel free to head east and come help us chop wood. : )

    1. JuGM - If you guys were closer I would be happy to :)

  2. Sudden Oak Death I don't think is here yet in a big way. Raleigh is the City of Oaks. It will be a disaster.

    1. Russ - It is some kind of fungus and can kill the Oaks in as little as just three months. It's been slowly creeping North from Southern Missouri for a few years now and started hitting up here late last Winter I think.

      Here's a link if you're interested from two years ago when it was hitting Southern Missouri bad.


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