Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's Getting to be Time Again

One of my local friends showed up this evening as I was getting everything ready for woodcutting tomorrow and dropped of a couple boxes of once fired .308 brass.

I just looked at him like I was stunned. I was like "Dude are you seriously giving me 3 boxes of .308 brass?"

"For Real?"

Can't beat that with a stick. I offered to teach him how to reload but he wasn't too interested. I am not going to look at a gift of re-loadable brass sideways either. It would be nice if more locals started doing that :)

Anyway it's getting to be almost time to switch the shop around from honey and bee production to firearm and reloading production. I figure I have one more honey pull to make this next week and then I am done and going to leave the rest of September and October harvest for the bee's Winter stores.

I dug the trailer out from behind the barn, checked all the light connections and got it hooked up for tomorrows fire wood run. Then my Dad showed up and we loaded the log splitter up on his trailer so we can just split it on the spot rather than hauling all those large sections out by hand.

We plan on making an early start of it and filling both trucks and the trailer tomorrow so we don't have to make another trip. I will try and remember the camera to take some on the job pics with as well. We can pull in fairly close to the downed trunks but there is an embankment and ditch that the sections need carried over so splitting it on the scene will make life much easier. Plus it is going to have to be split anyway.

It's about a 40 mile trip down to get these trees but the underbrush is still so thick around here it is worth it. Not to mention they are already down which helps time-wise a bit as well.

They keep saying it's going to be another bad Winter so every little bit helps.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. We are still in summer mode, although this weekend didn't quite reach the 90's (89 degrees). Good luck with the wood hauling, that is not an easy task. Stay safe, looking forward to seeing the haul.

    1. Izzy - I cut so much I had to leave some behind as I overloaded my truck and trailer. That Oak is some dense heavy wood let me tell ya.

      If it gets into the mid 80's or higher around here this time of year there is something I am allergic too that saps the motivation right out of me and leaves behind blurry itchy eyes and bad headaches. It isn't pollen but I suspect it is a mold spore of some kind.

  2. My plan starting next week is to start sawing up the trees that I dropped a couple months ago. I find it easier to split it on site and not wrestle with heavy stuff. The problem here is that it is so muddy that it will be wheelbarrow logging again.

    1. SF - Well usually I wait until the underbrush dies out and the main deer season is over but these are in spots that I need to get to before it starts raining more and there is no underbrush to worry about. Makes for a win win situation right now.

      I broke my damned Wheelbarrow today too :(

  3. Yep, it's time to start do some minor landscaping again at our house. We are looking into edible landscape ideas for the backyard. We'll also be tearing out the front garden beds, and using the western exposure for our garden. I'll be easy reading before too much longer.

    1. K - I still need to get the garden taken down. I been so busy with work and feeling so bad on the hot days from my allergies that I sometimes let things pile up this time of year. Then when the cooler temps bring my motivation back I am swamped for a while.


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