Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day - Where Your Money Was Spent

Since it's Labor Day I thought it might be a good time to remind all those who labor and pay taxes just where the government is spending the money it gets either through direct theft from your wallet  or selling bonds promising to take it from your wallet later. Via

At the Top of the list is...

Healthcare - At 1.3 Trillion thank the stars for Obummer care huh? Supposedly health care is only projected to grow a measly half a Trillion the next four years. What a deal huh?

Next up is....

Pensions - At 1.2 Trillion this one has really started to grow over the last few years. If you go to the site link and click on that section you can see where it is projected to go to. This is the real elephant in the over spending closet that far too many people want to ignore or have no opinion about. Everyone likes to say wait till the EBT cards stop working but I believe it will be more of a show the day the Pension checks start bouncing. Don't forget your popcorn.

Then comes.....

Education!!! - At a cool Trillion it has grown the least of the Big 3 (Healthcare, Pensions and Education) and isn't projected to go more than 1.3 Trillion in the next four years. Of course that was calculated before the so called Children's Crusade out of Central America. Wonder how that will effect next year's figures? If the Femocrats get their way with pre-pre-Kindergarten babysit  err I mean schooling, this expense could go to the moon and back.

Now for the Evil Military/Industrial Complex...

Defense..... At 800 Billion Defense spending is on it's way down. Of course it isn't projected to go down all that far but mostly just remain flat. Any reduction in Defense spending will come from pushing more and more of our soldiers and sailors into the unemployment line while the government continues to spend the big bucks on the corporations.

Still let's take a little quiz shall we?

Which of the spending categories mentioned in the post is actually a Constitutionally mandated area of spending for our Federal government?

I think you know the answer.

Last up....

Welfare - Ya Baby at half a Trillion it's the least of the government spending problem but seems to get the most actual bad press. Of course as a spending category it really has nothing productive to show for itself so some of that is justified. Personally I would roll about 70% of government payroll and 90% of Pensions into this category as well since it really amounts to the same thing but in the end those distinctions are not going to matter a whole lot anyway.

So next time you see a Liberal screaming about all the defense spending you will know their lies for what it is.

Now get back to work so you can pay more taxes....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Our country's motto should be "Screwing Patriots Since 1776" Am I wrong about the date?

    1. Rob - I might say since 1913 or maybe 1865...

  2. If you read about how WW1 started, an event that you not expect to start a world wide conflict, it really makes our situation very precarious. Especially with someone like Obama in charge. Some small event that none of us have thought about could start things rolling and based on past experience, it take Obama many weeks to make a critical decision and only after seeing how opinion polls have gone. Some little mess could escalate and we would do nothing. The economy is tied to just about anything that happens since we have been forced into a global economy.

    1. Sf - It looks like the world is fallign apart now. No telling where this is all heading.

  3. * kneeling down with my arms spread out to the sky saying*

    why? why? why must PP always be right?(and then shaking fists at the sky) oh ye gods...

    (that last bit was taken from the most horrible movie ever made. "oh ye gods" - bahaahahahahah!)

    yer right but yer still a weiner. much love buddy. your friend,

    1. Kymber - A good movie to quote for someone who has to always be right is that old Sean Connery flick where he is a monk. I forget the name... wait lol I just reminded myself. "The Name of the Rose" was the title.

      No Matter the Consequences Brother William must always be right".

      Good flick, I recommend it.

      However I don't see a right or wrong here. Numbers don't lie while those presenting them could. The site I used seems to be on the up and up though. It has been my experience that there usually isn't a right or wrong just a truth and someone's emotions who wish the truth to be wrong. Why I don't operate in the shadows and try and sway others behind the scenes. Up front numbers always tell the true story.

    2. Of course from a military point of view, we armed ISIS, so that we can now fight ISIS. And we do that a lot. Granted, it is the State Department types that usually make the who-we-arm type decisions, but still, the spending comes down on the military side. If you give politicians weapons, they are going to tend to use them.

      Wasn't Pat Buchanan an isolationist? Why was he so vilified again? Seems like a long time ago.

    3. Russ - I don't really know about Buchanan except that he had a number of opinions that didn't align with the Multi-Cult so it wouldn't matter too much either way after that.

      As for arming our eventual enemies well that isn't a strictly an American thing nor a modern thing either for that matter. It's happened since time began in one form or another. From the view of a soldier or individual it seems stupid I grant you but from the point of view of nations it may payoff more than cost depending on the circumstances.

      I would point to the current situation in Vietnam. While we didn't willingly arm them the end result was the same and in many ways Vietnam seems to be moving closer to the US now and further away from China. Ya just never know how that cookie is going to come out I guess.


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