Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gotta Be One in Every Crowd

It rained off and on all day again today. Of course it had to rain because I didn't have to go to work today. Somehow Mother Nature knows this and chooses to send rain down on the days I am able to actually get out and do something thereby putting an end to that nonsense.

At one point I looked out the window and noticed Lilly was out. Lilly is the short plump White Ewe in the picture above. The handsome looking taller Blackfaced Ewe is Seven. Seven never causes a problem and is just the happiest Sheep on the place.

Lilly not so much.

I have managed to get the fences and everything set up to where none of the Sheep get out anymore. Except Lilly. Some days it seems every time I look out the window or go outside Lilly is out of the Cutting Crew browsing area.

I am not sure how old Lilly is but she is getting up there for a Ewe. Two years ago she got a case of Mastitis in one of her udders pretty bad but she recovered with a vet visit and some antibiotics. Even though she seemed fine and the vet said we could breed her we decided to let her have a year off without having lambs to take care of, so she joined the Cutting Crew.

I have no idea how she is getting out for sure but I suspect she is simply jumping over the fence. She really wants the green grass out in the yard and she is a good jumper so she just hops over. The problem is she is a Sheep and she gets over there and then is all upset that none of the others come with her. This really stresses her out and you can hear her bleating her encouragement to try and get someone to join her and partake in her freedom.

There other Sheep just look at her like she is insane.

For a while I would freak out and go get her and put her back in. Then finally I got tired of doing it every couple of hours and just let her go. She never goes far and is always just across the fence from the others. Eventually a loud truck or one pulling a trailer goes by out on the road (Which is almost 100 yards away) and she get's spooked and goes right back into the fenced in area. Lately she is getting out and then going back in with me totally unaware she was ever out except for the tell tale droppings I notice on the wrong side of the fence.

Since the road is so far away and no one wants to join her I have just come to accept the fact that she is going to do what she wants. If I ever see her wandering too far away from the rest of the Crew I might add another line on top of the fence but so far everything seems to be working out just fine. She'll be moving in with her ram soon anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I never could build a fence that would keep goats in place so I finally got rid of the goats as unlike sheep, they are pretty much worthless. It is a rare animal that can put it all together and get back in the fence like your girl.

    1. Sf - What little experience I have had with goats left me feeling the same way they are hard to keep in. I seriously doubt goats would have worked out as well as the sheep have in the brush and mowing department. I am not sure where she is getting out at but she almost always goes back in at the spot I rigged up between the old area and the barn. I just ran a temporary line across the open space and it's really not very high. The other sheep won't go near it but Lilly just jumps right over.

  2. PP,

    Sounds like Lilly has a mind of her own, lol......

    1. Sandy - No doubt about that but she is also kinda of a chicken too and runs back to the flock with little provocation. I went to run some errands just now and when I pulled into the drive she was out and ran over and jumped back in with the rest of them. The bugger.


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