Friday, August 15, 2014

The First United Church of Decline or FUC'D for short

I had some visitors this afternoon that showed up just as I was bottling up some honey. I have noticed of late that visitors are becoming a much more frequent occurrence around here than they used to be. It seems everyday another fine young Man appears wasting away out here unsure what his next move should be. Let go from this closed down business or downsized from another. Hours cut and feeling left out in the cold.

It's very sad to see and growing more frequent as time goes by.

I think they stop by not for advice, not that I would ever be so arrogant as to think I can give advice on how to survive the Multi-Cultural mess that has become America when you are not a member of the "protected" people.  Hell, by most accounts I failed to make good in that world myself how could I give them advice? No what they really want is hope that it isn't going to always be this way. Of that I have plenty to go around.

Something that is not sustainable will eventually break down.

But how? They ask.

"It's very simple my young Padwan" I say

In the FUCD church we call all young novice and new converts Padwan you see.

"We are already using more resources to pull the evil black liquid of Male destruction out of the ground than we get in return my Brothers. It is only a matter of time now".

They look at me in confusion and sometimes in fear at the thought of a world without four wheelers and flashy trucks. I sympathize with them I really do but little do they understand the social gains they stand to inherit will far out weigh the loss of cheap thrills.

"My Brothers" I say. "I will explain this to you once again and I will use small words for Tommy" (Tommy was a Marine but we don't hold that against him). "How much are you paying for a gallon of gas?"

"$3.29 a gallon" They say.

"No! Young-lings (They don't like to be called young-lings so I use it sparingly)  You are paying far more than that. The oil companies are using your money to frack this new oil out of the ground whether you pay them directly or not. The government burrows while the FED prints. Together they subsidize the oil companies and loan em cash at 0% interest rates while they decrease the value of the dollars you have in your pocket. The only way these oil companies can afford to pull that oil from the ground is if you and I foot part of the bill and then buy the finished product to boot."

"The dollar is nothing more than a claim to labor or resources. Your labor and mine my brothers. When they devalue it by printing and loan it with no interest, in fact we are the ones being robbed and without that little bit of thievery that tight oil cannot be pulled from the ground at a marketable price".

"The slight margins those companies are making" I continue "Cannot maintain them, if you look at their bottom line they are hemorrhaging cash like it's no tomorrow"  

"We are parasites killing the host and it cannot continue".

I can see the wheels turning in some of their eyes. Some of them see how a world without oil can actually be advantageous, especially to younger men.  Some will never believe, I know. Some will scream it ain't gonna happen no matter what, but it is happening. The resource wars began a few years ago and the future belongs to those who are prepared.

No I don't pass around a donation tray either but I do encourage all the followers of FUCD to visit Our Finite World and read the writings of  Gail Tverberg who can explain this loss of resources much better than I ever could.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Another thought provoking post. Did young Padwan have that blank stare?? We have had a disturbance in the force for some time now. The Jedi Masters have been training Padwans for the great Battle against the Death Star over Columbia's District. While the force is strong with the Padwan's so is Lord Obama and his Storm Troopers.

    Jedi's winning it be must.

  2. The rule is that you need a plan B for anything that uses oil as a fuel or is derived from oil. That is unfortunately just about everything at this stage in our oil based culture. A good start is to look at the 1800s where we were using mostly steam with some oil for lubrication. One thing that we do have too much of and if you could figure out how to work them is people.

    1. Sf - Ya we do have a supply of people. My bet is that supply won't last long once the oil really declines though.

  3. Major stench of Femocrat coming off the Finite World site -- saw a comment regarding "gender roles."

    Still an interesting site though.

    1. Anon - Yes there are a few liberal feminist leaning commentors over there. Gail, although she refuses to challenge the current multi-cult Feminist dogma is usually spot on with her resource and depletion numbers. I think she sees reality but feels taking on the peak oil deniers is the only job she wants right now.

    2. A commenter (James August 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm on the "Twelve Basic Principles" post) called her "beautiful." She asked if James would tell her that if she were a man. Nonsense ensues.

      That taints her character and her conclusions.

    3. I saw the first part of that and thought her question was appropriate actually. Guess I didn't see the follow up. Sadly too many old guys out there still have dated, romantic illusions. They will be the first to be fooled and eliminated by their own misconceptions.

  4. I ran into a fanatic Fox News type who told me that there was a 150 years of oil and natural gas in the U.S. and all we needed to do was seal the borders and we would be fine on our own.

    Which is not to say the anti-fracking crowd has a clue as to how we are even supposed to make if five years down the road.

    1. Russ - I know. There are many people out there that will never admit we are running out of the stuff. It almost doesn't do me any good to mention it but if you really look at how the economic net is connected it does start to make more sense. We are paying more for that oil than we think it just isn't an upfront cost most can identify.


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