Thursday, August 14, 2014

So Tonight Should Be Interesting UPDATED!!!.... Update 2.3.4

I got called out again today to take another trip South only this time a bit more East although still well within the Ozark Highlands area.

The only reason this is relevant is because I got to travel down I-44 a ways and let me tell you I-70 may have been devoid of MoHP guys the other day (According to a co-worker) but I-44 certainly had more than it's fair share this afternoon. Thick as thieves they were.

Of course our lovely Governator Jay Nixon has chimed in on the Ferguson riots and from what I heard on the news today has told the police to pull back tonight.

Makes one wonder how tonight is going to turn out now. Last night I watched with interest as a radio news guy walked around with a night cam and filmed the final push by the police into the crowd forming near the QT they burned a few days ago.

So tonight's the night I guess. Will the cops pull back? Will the rioters move forward? Will things escalate or die down?

Just waiting to see at this point I guess. Either way should prove interesting.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

The Gateway Pundit is already saying the protestors are back on line tonight. Let's see what happens...

According to a tweet and instagram about 1 minute ago (10:49 pm) Florrisant ave. is filling up with a new crowd of protestors now. This is after the earlier protest ended. The late night crowd has been where the real looting and destruction has happened the other four nights.

Maybe things are getting interesting now.

Media crew assaulted by protestors at Florrisant and Highmont....

I am noticing on Twitter that many people are praising the fact that Obummer ordered the stand down of the Ferguson Police and replacing them with State Patrolmen. Good job Jay Jay you can't win for losing can you?

12:25 AM scanner telling all teams to return to command post. Maybe they are pulling out for the night. Media is reporting it as peaceful but there were reports of shots fired and a couple of assaults. Of course the nights still young although I won't last much longer.

OOPS too soon. 12:29 AM reports of crowd at the local McDonalds and someone kicking in the drive through window. That would be the same McD's where the press guys were ran out of last night.


  1. Another racial pot boiling over. The question still is when will it spread. Good Ole Uncle Al Sharpton is string that pot again. I wonder who pays his air fare hotel, & meals plus you know he has a car with driver.??? As far as Obama the last time he told anyone to pull back we ended up with all the illegals in TX.

    1. Rob - I am sure we pay for all his travel expenses one way or another.

  2. "In Chicago, just 300 miles from St. Louis, 82 people were shot in Chicago, 14 fatally, over the Fourth of July weekend, including five shot by police, and according to the Chicago Tribune, “Chicago has become the poster child for urban violence, fueled by gangs and involving drive-by shootings or attacks from cars on other vehicles.” Although the statistics are not reported, a safe guess would be that of the 82 people shot, virtually all were black. But where is the outrage? Where was Jesse Jackson (who would only have to go a few blocks from his high-rise condo to the South Side)? And where was Al Sharpton? Where were the riots? Perhaps Obama’s hometown is not a convenient place for race riots..."Alfred S. Regnery

    1. MV - Oh I know, I know. The easiest answer I have for why that is is a story I have from college. While I was in ROTC there was this gorgeous Black Girl in our class who absolutely hated Black Men. She loved us country White boys though and went everywhere with us. Let me tell you whenever went somewhere with her and there were Black guys around there was going to be a fight. No questions asked. They even had the nerve to pick fights about the Black girl while they were out with White girls.

      It's a tribal thing with them. They can do it to you and each other but you better not do it back. It really is that simple.

    2. Its different when its blacks killing blacks or I should say minorities on each other. BUT OMG if its white killing blacks you think the world is coming to an end. I saw a comedy on TV last night and a black lady on the show used the race card, then the gay chinese guy tossed the gay card. All because their boss (white) bought a used car for his white employee who was struggling and did not ask for help.


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