Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Victim of the bed he helped make

I commented on a few blogs today that although I enjoyed some of Robin Williams early material his politics pretty much turned me off so bad I hadn't thought of him in years.

Once this Mangina shill of Feministic enabler began using his comedic talent to promote the most socially destructive movement on Earth it was time for his talent and my attention to part ways.

With mild interest I clicked on the story about Mr. Williams death linked over on Drudge this afternoon only to read this particular sentence.

Robin Williams had serious money troubles

Though Williams had one of Hollywood’s most enduring careers, divorce — from first wife Valerie Velardi in 1988, and from second wife, Marsha Garces in 2008 — had gutted his bank account.
“Divorce is expensive,” he recently said. “I used to joke they were going to call it ‘all the money’, but they changed it to ‘alimony’. It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet.”

Now that my friends is poetic justice. Although I refuse to celebrate the death of any human being I am sorry I rate Robin Williams right along side politicians like Teddy Kennedy and the Clintons. They have done far too much damage for me to feel sorry about their absence.

Mr. Williams helped push the Feminist movement from the moment he could begin picking and choosing his own roles. Funded many more with the money he  made and was one of the largest Democratic supporters in Holyweird.

Ya Robin alimony is expensive, unwarranted, unjustified in todays "equal" society, over estimated like most child support payment amounts are as well and nothing more than modern day slave labor on mostly White Men only these days but guess what?

You helped make it so.

This romantic, always the victim mentality so many older Men carry around for Women has produced the most screwed up, fragmented, debt ridden civilization the world has ever seen.

I for one am not sorry to see the champions of this Multi-Cult mess pass into the night because we can only begin fixing their problems once they are gone.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

And another thing. I went back out to get some work done but had to come back and continue as the entire rant just made me angry. I see guys like this all the time around here. These old fellas that thought caving under was just all fun and games for them especially once they had their cushy jobs locked in. Of course they were going to agree to what ever they thought might get em some and it wasn't their asses that were going to be paying the price now was it?

No, it was their son's wallets and their daughters virtue that was going to pay that price. Just like the liberal movement today it's all a good things as long as someone else is actually paying and suffering for it.

OK I am done.... I think...


  1. I haven't watched any of his movies in years because of his liberal mouth, unlike a liberal, I didn't run around yelling boycott but just didn't go see him. I don't have to hate him, I just didn't care to watch him and others. I just assumed that he saw how his leader turned out and he couldn't handle it, but it sounds like money was involved as well.
    It is a shame that he killed himself but it was his right and maybe it will start a trend.

    1. Sf - Well the more I got to thinking about his rants and work such as "World According to Garp" and such then to read that bit about him complaining about alimony I just snapped.

      F$%ck him and the horse he rode in on. Guys like him pressed and promoted biased anti-Male government legislation and then smiled and enjoyed the attention they got for playing the good guy while someone else paid the price.

      I treat Women equally and have to sacrifice to make feel so the moment I hit the real world but guys like this jackoff pander to em and smile.

      I hate his type.

  2. Yes we all have our own opinion and many will stand on the soap box and preach to all who will listen, BUT remember that comes with the FREEDOM of SPEECH. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I feel for his kids, as all they have now are the memories of their time together, and how he made them laugh at home. We all have his movies.

    1. Freedom of speech does not apply when you support actions that are illegal. Even if you stand with a million others who say they are not illegal. I may be able to use freedom of speech to promote the killing or enslavement of all people from Kansas but once I support it financially or in my work and it happens I have committed a crime beyond mere opinion.

      But when my work backfires on me personally. Well that's just poetic justice right there.

    2. The first Amendment is a wonderful thing and trying to limit it in any way is a slippery slope I do not want to get near but when you promote harm to others it can backfire on you.

  3. He was capable of great humor, but your point is well-taken.

    1. RP - Yes he was and in truth I wasn't planning on discussing him at all on my blog. It wasn't until I saw that article from Drudge and his quote about alimony and his financial problems that many are saying lead to his suicide that I decided to rant about him a bit. Guys like him played a dangerous game and refused to look at the consequences their actions would have down the road, especially to those they didn't have a use for.

      Many Men who have the same attitude do not share Robin's notoriety, fame and money so they will never be caught in the own trap the way he was. I decided to kinda use his undoing as a lesson.

  4. I always cringed at his attempts at humor. Seemed like he was straining a gnat every time he tried to make a joke.

    But his dramatic roles were great. The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting to be precise.

    Poor bastard. I figure he was just biding time until he decided to do it.

    As for his politics: I figure it's just the cost of doing business in Hollywood. I pay no attention. And nobody should.

    1. Anon - I find that I can laugh at just about any standup routine even the ones a lot of people do not find funny. I seem to have a wide range of humor and have to basically boycott the ones that disgust me with their politics. In William's case though he was much more open and free with his money for those causes than anyone else in Hollywood so I cannot just give him that benefit of the doubt.

      Guess it doesn't really matter anymore much though.

    2. Oh and I thought his best role was in "The Survivors" actually.

  5. ok PP, my brother....i have to bring the gloves out. you know i don't get argumentative just for fun...i do it when my buttons get pushed. go read harry's blog here:


    i felt my buttons were pushed on a very political topic and harry and i agreed to converse together, in a civil manner, and to disagree. he is my dear friend and his politics are his and mine are mine.

    i feel that you are jumping all over robin william's death and celebrating it. yes, his politics kind of bit him in the ass. but not every single thing on the planet can be attributed to femi-nazis trying to take the white man down. he committed suicide for the love of all that is holy and that right there is something that we should show compassion for. yes, he got ripped off by several wives but that is not anything to celebrate. did he cause his own downfall? for certain. but i really, really don't like these types of posts - especially when his children could possibly read them (unlikely, i know - but still? how do you think his children would feel to read you gloat about a white guy with liberal views killing himself and you making fun of it?).

    i love you. but sometimes you take your views too far. and it upsets me.

    love to you always. your friend,

  6. it's that time of the month again. i'm sorry. it's my hormones.

    you're friend kimber

    1. PP - you know that i will always call you out but i have no idea who this is.

      i love you and you know it - whoever this is is an idiot.

      your friend, kymber WITH a Y!

    2. LOL that's the Kimber troll. He shows up every once in a while although I don't feed him. If I knew what he ate though I prolly would cause I like trolls. :)

  7. Kymber is right. Don't talk shit about my dad.

    you're friend Zak Williams

  8. Zak - if you really are one of Robin's children and i have my doubts...PP is expressing his own own opinion. and he has the right to do so.

    if you are really one of his children...then i send my warmest wishes and prayers to you and your family.

    PP is a god guy with very strong opinions and he needs his friends to always stand behind him. which we always do.

    i am so very sorry about your father's incredibly untimely death. please accept my condolences at it is the least that i can offer to such an incredible comedian and actor.

    1. OOO a Williams troll too :) I am betting it's the same troll though.

      Anyway Kymber my dear I do disagree with you in one important point. Yes everything bad is because of Feminism. I would also say Robin Williams did more than his fair share to bring it to fruition. Even without his Feminist support though I would say good riddance for no other reason than his support of the Democrat party to be honest. I wouldn't have wrote about how he helped bring about his own depression though more than likely.

      I would also point out that over the top alimony payments were in fact a Feminist victory and celebrated by those who were for the cause. In fact I would bet Williams celebrated right there with them.

      He did help make the bed he laid down in.

      But I do value your opinion as a person and and am able to disagree without taking it personally. No matter what I believe and will always believe Feminism and those who helped it grow are the most destructive force ever to strike Western Mankind and all other problems spring from it. Although one could make a case that oil actually enabled Feminism as well.

      I thought you used to agree with me on that though.

      Anyway I love you and Jamby too, but in a brotherly way you understand :)

  9. PP - bro - i do agree with you on many things , always have your back when you are dead on the money but just don't like seeing you gloat on another's misfortune is all. you know that i love you regardless...but can you please do me a favour and find out who that troll is that calls themselves "kimber"? the idiot is trying to imitate me on a few blogs now...and doesn't even know how to spell my name??? or maybe they are doing it on purpose? THAT i could at least respect...

    much love bro. always. your friend,
    kymber (with a Y) xo

    1. Kymber he has been doing it for a while at least here and what's funny is I was replying to him the same as you are now telling him it was with a Y lol. Not sure where he came from or anything but he hasn't really ever said anything wrong or bad like he is trying to mimic you and give you a bad name. Not here at least. If I thought for a moment he was trying to do something like that I would delete his comments but it's pretty obvious from his spelling of the name he isn't attempting any deceit. I really don't know what to make of him but he hasn't crossed any line yet. Of course I have some thick lines lol.

      As for the Williams thing it isn't about him so much as the entire picture. These stars and politicians that championed Feminism and continue to perpetuate a myth for their own gain, be it financial or personal attention, need to be pointed out for what they are. For too long they have pushed the price for their feel good gains onto others.


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