Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hyperinflation and Food Deliveries

I don't think anyone can deny the inflation we been seeing anymore. OK, I don't think anyone outside of the government and the die hard Obummer supporters can deny the food inflation we been seeing. Yet if the conditions hit just right we haven't seen nothing yet.

The recent Russian counter sanctions along with everyone jumping on the band wagon to shed the dollar for energy transactions are creating the perfect conditions for US dollars to come streaming back into the states. This has always been the accepted catalyst for starting hyperinflation by most economist. As long as those dollars stay out in foreign hands we remain relatively safe from it here as the current lopsided wealth distribution keeps the middle and lower classes poor and therefore inflation in relative check.

This time around it appears to be working better for goods other than food and fuel so there obviously is a flaw in their plan.

One aspect of the decline from the edges that many fail to take into account is just what the bloated government sees as important and what it doesn't. Many of us claim the cities will explode when the EBT cards stop working and the food runs out. I certainly agree with this prediction but that mostly becomes an issue if we suffer a sudden and quick collapse.

The question is what happens if it is merely another step down in the chain of the long slow collapse we been experiencing? If the government, especially this current government, has to begin delivering emergency food supplies where do you think they are going to send those supplies? To the cities or to your remote homestead?

I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.

The second and more important question then is how long will said government leave the rural areas out to fend for themselves?

I am quite sure FEMA or whatever Federal agency is in charge will be more than happy to take those starving rural folks in and place them in a local refugee camp. I am sure they will be announcing these regional camp locations on every radio frequency and be delighted when you show up. They will hand you a blanket, airline pillow, flip flops, a tin cup and a plate with a ration card. Men to dormitory 18, Women to dormitory 33.

So perhaps you are saying you won't go. You have supplies you will stay where you are at. That's the best plan I think and more power to you. Yet keep in mind as the collapse happens from the edges and falls inward as a rural holdout your collapse scenario begins right then and there. The day the deliveries stop to rural stores and markets. It maybe months or years before the cities who are receiving the preferential treatment in food deliveries begin to have serious issues. All the while you can go get more supplies of course but once you enter you cannot leave.

How long could our government keep such an action going? How long can they keep turning FIAT cash into foreign food shipments and bartering the military for food? Months? Years? All the while unless you are producing at least some of your own food you are limited to eating your stored supplies.

And then what?

I can assure you our government will attempt to pacify the cities and abandon the smaller towns and rural areas long before a full on collapse happens. Unless some Blackswan event causes an immediate crash this long grinding slow decline will continue and it will hit the edges first as it has been doing all along.

Unless you can produce your own food you are on a time line pure and simple. If you are in a  rural area, as you should be, your time line for collapse will start long before the real fireworks begin.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I hope we have enough time to get our eventual homestead up and running...before it's too late. The essential services that my wife and I provide to the medical community will definitely be to our advantage in this slow slide. It's part of our plan while we are still suburbanites.

    1. K - I would imagine medical experience would get you a Homestead after things go South as well. I would even bet just the willingness to learn and do medical jobs would be a damned good meal ticket even if you had no experience. A hot commodity if you will.

    2. K - i agree 100%. with your skills and willingness to learn - anybody in their right mind would take you in, teach you or get your help growing food on their already established farm and reap the benefits of your skills.

  2. You are really talking about the start of the 2nd dark ages and you can look at the 1st dark ages to get an idea of what may happen. Rome had indoor plumbing and paved roads, libraries, etc. That stuff went away and the people who survived were mixed in with the low tech invaders. Look at that happening here with the low tech being rural people (ones who don't act like they belong in the hood) and invaders from the south who will flourish as they don't require processed food shipped from around the world.
    We are like Rome in that we have the best military in the world but one day a great defeat will occur and then the game will be on. If I was one of these countries that we have arms superiority over, I would be looking to find a cheap way to take out US satellites and that will be like poking the cyclops in the eye.
    It doesn't have to be like this but with the current rule under progressives of both parties it won't be turned around.

    1. Sf - Eventually yes. What I am really talking about here is the time line between the full blown collapse while TPTB try to pacify as much as they can. Of course they will fail more than likely bringing about what you describe but I think there will be a period when they abandon the rural areas in an attempt to save the cities.

  3. those same trucks have to get their loads in the rural farming areas, drive to the sources through the rural areas, drive back to the cities through the rural areas! remember that mao said something to the effect that if you control the countryside you control the cities.

    1. Senis - No argument from me, you are correct across the board. What I am speaking to is the period of time before it sinks in to everyone that things have gone that far. I am sure the military will also attempt to keep the interstates open for shipments as well but there will be a period when they stop shipments (and electricity etc) to the rural areas in an attempt to hold the cities. It will fail of course and eventually the countryside will prove their undoing I imagine but it's pretty obvious the current regime thinks the country side is below notice right now.

    2. Bah I meant denis mot bad.

  4. PP - i agree. i think if the collapse continues to happen as slowly as it is, then the rural communities and their services will be the first to go while TPTB try their dangest to keep the cities afloat. one good thing about living here in cape breton - we get the least amount of federal and provincial funding and somehow have been scraping by since all of the fish plants, coal mines and steel mills were closed during the 60's to the 80's. lots of people here don't know that that the Great Depression is over. however, a lot of people here are on gov. assistance and if that falls to the wayside, they'll be the first to lay down and just die. that makes for less people on the island which is fine by me. the rest of us will dig in our heels and figure out what to do. as you know there is lots of hunting and fishing and jam and i can teach people how to grow at least a little bit of food. there's lots of food to be foraged as well.

    so, yes, rural and poor communities will be the first to have their services cut. but rural communities near an interstate down in the states will be ravaged for their food to keep the cities going.

    another great post! your friend,
    (even tho you said i was dead to you. still waiting for an apology for that one!)

    1. kymber - I will resurrect you but you wounded me deeply :(

      Anyway :)

      Yes those rural areas that our already producing mostly for themselves and not reliant on Federal handouts and as you point out are not easily accessed will do the best overall. However those residents that refuse to produce for themselves no matter how well located will still have more problems than those like you guys who are well located AND produce for yourselves.

      Although Jamby might have to don a pirate outfit to protect his fishing rights. I am sure you would like that look though :)

      I am not sure how long TPTB could keep up the charade though, as denis points out logistics would be an issue. Eventually it would catch up to them since all real production comes from the rural areas but as dumb as they are they place little importance on those very same areas.

  5. git yer butt over to Harry's latest blog post....can't wait to read your comment!

  6. What if the government seize your land and use it to grow what they want as they will think they can feed more on it when things get really going? I agree with you but others peoples greed would get in the way, They'll be steeling veg as soon as it turns ripe. Could you keep people off your plot full time?

    1. Kev - Government looting is more than likely the greatest threat as they are the most organized and would have access to fuel. They would suffer from being spread very thin though and more than likely be busy and pressed everywhere. I would say the deciding factor would be the overall feelings of the population. If the people began resisting as a whole things could get dicey for them. My guess is all reserves would go to the cities and then the Federal troops would begin looting on a regional basis.

      Of course that scenario assumes the slow grinding collapse continues as well.


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