Monday, July 28, 2014

Crimson Corn coming in

It's been a pretty lazy day around here today. The temps I think climbed up to maybe 80 for a short while but there has been a cool wind blowing in out of the Northwest and it feels more like Autumn than anything else.

It would have been a great day to get some mowing done but I am so sick of mowing and the ground is so dry I am really afraid if I mow the Dutch clover won't come back and my girls are all over that clover right now. The yard is looking a bit shaggy but until we finally have some rain in the forecast I am not going to cut it if I can help it. It's been almost 3 weeks since we had any rain at all and only the fact that we got a bunch for a few weeks back in June is keeping us out of the drought monitor once again.

I harvested a couple frames of honey from the big garden hive and fed the other new hives I keep at the garden location some sugar syrup then commenced to harvesting some corn for tonight's dinner.  The Mrs. and I decided since the son is out visiting for a few days it was time to indulge ourselves in some stuff he doesn't particularly care for.

Namely Tomatoes and Corn!!!

So tonight it's BLT&Es and Crimson Corn. 

The early rain we got stunted a lot of the corn but I still have several that did well around the edges and Corn pests have been way down this year. I harvested about 14 ears this afternoon and only two of them showed any pest damage at the top, one them still had that pesky worm in it who was quickly made into several worm sections :)

I also only saw one Japanese beetle. Last year I was knocking 100's of them a day into a plastic bucket filled with water. I guess the ultra-cold we got here over Winter had at least one good side effect. There are still a few attacking Mrs. PP's roses but who gives a damn about Roses?

Not Me!!!

Got a couple ripe cantaloups and going back out for more Tomatoes this evening after I cut up another couple of Melons for more jelly and sherbert.

I always like this time of year because of all the fresh food from our labors but these nice temps are making it that much more enjoyable. Now if we just had some rain to go with it everything would be perfect.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. That is nice looking corn. I didn't know you guys were that dry, I thought that your fields were soaked but that must have been back in June. We are getting a little now and then to where the early fall plantings are up already. Spent this evening slicing and freezing two giant beef livers, I have never seen so much liver in one place, even at a grocery store. Hope you get some rain!

    1. Sf - Oh it is bad dry here now. My 2 acres of Pumpkins are gone. Dried up and wilted away now so no Pumpkins for me this year. I should have planted a few up where I can get water to them.

      Liver....YUCK :)

  2. Ewww liver. We are so chilly here, 50 at night. My garden was going great but now my tomatoes won't ripen and my peppers that were coming back won't grow with no heat. I wonder what the winter is bring this year.
    As for the garden I love this time of year, wonder what's for dinner, go pick it! I love picking my meals. Two acres of pumpkins, how sad.

    1. LW - My tomatoes and peppers have been slow ripening as well this year although they are coming in now. It's always something different every year it seems between the weather and the pests that's for sure.

  3. What beautiful corn! I have never heard of it before.


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