Monday, June 2, 2014

Whew What a Day

It looks as if every bee hive is pretty much booming right now with nothing but complete traffic jams at every entrance. The queen cells and frames I robbed from the South Faulklands hive have hatched and I am assuming there is now a queen in my little Nuc and the trapout hive. I cannot tell if the new queens are laying yet because there are still some brood left in the frames since regular brood take longer to hatch than queens. I didn't go down in to see if I could find any new eggs yet as I will wait a week or so before disturbing them that much. They weren't too happy about my presence sniffing around and refilling their feeders today as it was and it was also mowing around the hives time. The girls really don't like that very much either.

I ended up sneaking out the door at 4:45 this morning and going back down to the swarm trap in the woods before dawn. There were still maybe two dozen or so bees hanging out on the front of the trap but I figured that was acceptable losses and since that was the coolest time of day being about 69 degrees prolly the best I was gonna get. I brushed em off and slapped a screen over the entrance and drove em to their new home. By the time I arrived there were still about a dozen or so bees clinging to the outside of the screen. I will give them a day or two to relax in the new location before switching them over to a deep brood chamber and feeder top. I am really interested to see just how many bees are crammed into that trap at this point. The new hive will be named Charleston.

It looked like we were going to get a nice storm front coming through today but it petered out right before getting to us. Nice. Things are getting really dry once again and my rain barrels are empty. I can either water from the tap or pump some out of the cistern at this point. My step dad did get two acres worked up for the pumpkin crop I plan on seeding in tomorrow so a bit of rain soon would be welcomed at this point.

Some of the locals pulled a really ugly limp looking thing out of the river today. AT first I didn't know quite what to make of it. Was it an alien or what? Then I remembered Rob the noodle man said he went to a lake up stream this weekend. Noodle Men are not known for fighting the current on their own so I guess he drifted down our way.

The authorities are attempting to dry him out now and stiffen him up a bit but they are pretty sure any humidity will just wilt him down again.  The only thing they could get out of him was he wanted his nose back because it had work to do whatever that means.

Well back to work.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Careful, Obama might find him and make a hero out of him.

  2. noodle man?? thanks for the complement.

  3. We've got over a week of no rain & warm weather coming and the blackberries are blooming early. There should be lots of swarms. Two of my swarms had virgins & I don't think they made it back home. Might have something to do with all those damn starlings.

    1. MV - We haven't had any real rain in over a week now and temps in the mid to upper 80's. It's getting dry dry dry once again.

      I think I have occasionally went queenless due to a bird around here myself.

  4. Jealous of your bee's........


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