Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tractor Time : Flag Day, One for Rob and Caption Contest?

Seemed like a good pic to cover both flag day and a Tractor Time Pic. Looks like a nice little Farmall there and I would say she has the legs (and the boots) to get the job done.

While this operator is a little young for most of our tractor work around here it was the only shot of a Minneapolis Moline tractor I could find that almost fit the Tractor Time rules. Rob has been wanting an MM tractor pic in all it's yellow glory. Sadly I don't see many of the old MM tractors around these parts unless it is all gussied up and riding a trailer to a show.

And finally. Your guess is as good as mine on this picture. I was thinking maybe a caption like "Time to Feed the Bull" or something. I would be interested to see what this crowd can come up with actually.

As usual click for a larger image. Now lunchtime is over back to work....


  1. Interesting pictures. I'd love to know the story behind the last one. Or, maybe not.......

  2. Hey Ho, Hey Ho it's off to work I go!!!!

  3. Last one shot gun wedding or Being punched by Daddy for dressing like that.

    Thanks for the MM photo, but I'm more of a war bird-jetliner kind of guy. MM had its plant down the road from our house in Minneapolis back in the day.

  4. Caption Contest: "This is what happened after the Sadie Hawkins dance!"


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