Monday, May 19, 2014

They Are So Proud

The supervisors are so proud of all their hard work. The garden is basically all in now. Corn is pushing up, melons are popping up, I back filled the holes in the beans and such that got hit with the cold snap. The rain water irrigation system is set up. About the only thing I have left is waiting for the tobacco to get big enough to put in and it looks like I need to seed some cucumbers that didn't sprout the first time around. Well that and start putting down the mulch I get from cleaning out the barn from lambing season.

Oh there are still a few volunteers popping up here and there I might move or find a home for. I love mystery plants just to see what they grow into.

The garden becomes the feline populations favorite place by about July. They will always be in there messing around thinking they are mighty huntresses. The main supervisor was so pleased the garden was growing once again she even brought me a little Blue Tailed lizard this afternoon as a special treat. I could see her imploring me to eat it when she brought it to me.

Once again the lawn mowing is finished for maybe a week.

Which reminds me. Do any of you readers happen to know where someone can purchase a weedeater that comes with a saw blade or other method of quickly slicing through finger sized weed trees? I purchased a so called generic thing that fit on the end of one of my gas powered weedeaters and had three blades that swung out and it ruined my weedeater. The thing would work once but when I tried to cold start it it would strip out the drive cylinder and it's too expensive to fix now. Used to be you could find them anywhere and everywhere but they don't seem to sell them anymore.

I also had a flat tire on my truck this afternoon. Not sure what I picked up but after checking a swarm trap and mowing a path out to it I went to finish mowing our house in town and by the time I drove maybe 6 miles the tire was flat as a pancake.  As fast as it went down it must have been something I picked up right in front of the house because I doubt I would have made it more than a mile otherwise. I never did find the lug wrench for the truck, it wasn't where they said it was suppose to be but I had my trusty T-Bar in the tool box so I didn't need it anyway.

Another big day tomorrow. It's castration day for the little rams and then I have a run up to St. Louis tomorrow night. I am also hoping on getting a few hive inspections down in the morning too.

Seems like this time of year I am constantly running to catch up.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I have flats. They always happen to me on wet clay roads with a steep slope. You are growing the weed? Is it Old Toby, the finest weed in the Shire?

    1. Heh. I prefer Southfarthing Fire weed or Buckland Burrel but I never was much of a Mid-Shire guy.

      I grow it every year although last year and I am afraid this year I get it started too late and it doesn't bloom properly. The hornworms will almost always go straight to the tobacco (either type of worm doesn't matter) and leave the tomatoes alone.

    2. Oh ya I was lucky it was on a nice flat paved road.

  2. I mowed once so far, over the weekend. I will maybe once a week. I saw some bee hives moved into a place I saw them at last year. Maybe around 10. I have not seen any bees but way too many flies.

  3. The government would say that the tire was only 10 percent flat and the rest of the tire was looking great and actually improving. They would also explain how the tire was black and you were a racist by calling it names when it went slightly flat. It is really your fault that you have a problem and that as you can see there was no inflation.

  4. PP - your cats are just like our cats. whenever we are out working they are out there "supervising" and making sure that all the jobs get done correctly.

    jam uses a husqvarna 120 8R and we have tons of even thicker weeds than yours. he uses it to clear our road to the river and all around the house. husqvarna is a really good product and they have several different models. jam loves his. check out their website and then see where you can get one in your area. hope this helps.

    your friend,

  5. + Eleventy to Sunnybrook Farm! Clearly, you're a racist terrorist extremist alarmist teabagger for suggesting the tire was flat. :)

  6. PP,

    + Rev. Paul, lol.....

    Your cats are thanking you for providing them with their jungle gym.

    We have a similar type attachment that goes on the end of our existing machine, so that won't help you. Have you tried using your tiller?

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