Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Ladies Won

It's just as well I needed the entire day to recuperate from whatever damage I did to my lower back yesterday. It hasn't climbed up out of the 40's all day today and been spitting rain off and on. My gauge tells me we have gotten another two inches of rain since I emptied it yesterday.

My guess is when the new drought conditions report comes out tomorrow we won't be in the abnormally dry section any longer.

The wife took a vacation day just so she could stay home and take care of the bottle lamb my Mother has been keeping.

I ask her to take a vacation day and she says no but by golly she will take a day off to feed a lamb?

Anyway, all day long she has been whining about me building a fire. IN May!!! I don't think I have ever fired up the wood furnace in May before. I kept refusing as just running the space heater was keeping it about 72 inside.  No reason to waste good firewood.

Then the supervisors started in. Since I didn't have a fire going they came looking for the greatest heat source they could find which happened to be ME.

"You're not doing anything anyway since your hurt so just lay there and be our big heat pad MMM'K"?

Finally I had enough and limped/crawled outside to fire up the furnace.

At least the supervisors are all now once again happy to lounge on their kitty tower as the blower shoots hot air across them and I am able to type and move around for a change.

Gotta keep the girls happy I guess...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Pick your battles man only fight when victory is assured:)

  2. Yep, gotta keep the ladies happy (at least the ones at home).

  3. You are totally outnumbered just like me. I still have one wheelbarrow of wood at the furnace just in case. I have seen it in the 20s this time of year.

  4. PP,

    40's and rain, and no heat!!!
    Yes, I can understand why the supervising cats came out in defense of the wife. They helped you change your mind to get a fire going :P


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