Friday, May 2, 2014

More Distant Thunder is Heard

One of the more interesting aspects of this long slow slide has been the fact that in so many instances several forecasters have been 100% correct with their predictions, except they have been years too early. In fact most of them have called what we see happening they just thought it was gonna happen four years ago.

I attribute most of this time prediction problem to behind the scene deals and Fed Reserve manipulation than anything else.

The hardest part of this financial decline has never been seeing the unsustainable BS our government has placed us in or the outright greed of the Public sector unions, pension systems and welfare crowd. Nope, the hardest part has been trying to guess just how long the Federal Reserve was going to be satisfied buying worthless paper in the form of government debt and how long the rest of the world was going to be satisfied with the status quo.

It's been a pretty stable system of fraud now for almost six years really. The Fed buys the debt, the banks keep the market up with printed money thereby concealing the true underfunding in the various pension plans and the government fudges the numbers and raise the taxes which can only be paid in Dollars therefore stabilizing the demand and forcing the people to use em.

The trouble is the fudged numbers have now reached the point that the other players either have to put up or shut up and I think even the Federal Reserve is beginning to balk at the amount of unsecure debt they have accumulated.

It's pretty obvious most of the rest of the world is done pretending these days. At least the major players anyway.

Well the next storm can now be heard building. Just like the forecasters who saw what was going to happen in Detroit, and finally did years after it was expected, Chicago is now being heard from more and more.

Chicago Teachers Union proposes borrowing, new taxes

Now they want to tax financial transactions, commuter workers and trade districts to fund their early retirements. Not only that but they want the city to sell bonds, giving the pensions all the money but then hoping these new taxes will pay the bill.

And guess what? If the new taxes don't pan out then it will be so sad not our problem the government promised...It's a contract..

We got ours now stiff the tax payers a little more.

Well my friends never fear this can't last much longer. With each passing day the various players are painting themselves further into the corner. They claim unemployment is falling and the economy is getting better and so they must put the brake on QE printing.

The scam really does get weaker with each quarter of lies and those who predicted wildly increasing taxation and increased fees, fines and charges were correct.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. It seems like that instant between the detonation & implosion of a building, as things teeter before collapsing.

    1. RP - Ya and the faster it falls the better off those of us who don't receive a government check will be. Sad to say they are looting us blind at this point and looking everywhere they can for more.

  2. These 60s radicals want to bring the system down so that a socialist utopia can be erected in it's place. A perfect world paid for by evil people who run businesses. When things grind to a halt then people won't be polluting and global warming will stop and the world will be saved! It would be a good joke if they really didn't believe it.

    1. Sf - Ya but who's gonna pay their pensions and entitlements when that day comes?

  3. My prediction has been, and continues to be, things will keep going as they are for as long as they can, and then they won't....

    1. JD - Of course. Yet trying to figure out what stops it is half the fun :)

  4. I never believe the government job numbers. When I hear of a company expanding that is good news. that's more believable. A window here in MN is expanding the facilities here $$. A utility supplier is spending $18 million to expand, more jobs, The airline I worked here, for is adding 4 new airliners, gives them 21 jets. they are hiring. When I see businesses spend money to build buildings, hire people to build them and employees to run them. That is what I look for, not the D.C.Numbers.

  5. I'm trying to encorage people to stockpile food for saving money. I got one person that sees the collapse comming and wants to prepare but does not know how to find the info.
    It seems so easy now but I know I was lost trying to find info to prepare just a few years ago. Perhaps I may be wrong but I think there is still time to prepare and work towards self-reliance. Of course my OPSEC is blown to to hell but I can't stand by and not try to help. That is not a slam on folks that practice good OPSEC. I made my choice and hopefully it will do some good.


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