Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lack of Militia to Blame for the Rising Police State

The argument makes sense if you think about it. It should be common knowledge that the Militia is an instrument of the people, by the people and for the people only unless called up and placed under paid Federal service by Congress at which point it becomes a part of the regular army. At all other times the Militia can be used for pretty much any endeavor within the area it is called up from and dependent on who does the calling. At some points in history it has been called up by various elected officials from townships, counties and States. At other times it has formed up almost at the behest of a general cry of need.

All the above being said the rules and regulations for the so called unorganized militia have been tinkered with and changed so many times someone against an actual militia can always deny it exists or is legal at all.

Of course who gives a rat's a$$ about those types anyway?

No Militia Means more intrusive Law Enforcement

In the time of the Framers, the militia was an armed body consisting of essentially the entire military-age male citizenry. Professional police not having been invented, the militia was the primary tool for enforcing the law in circumstances that went beyond the reach of the town constable, and it was also the primary source of defense against invasions and insurrection.

So the writer of the above linked article sees the problem.

Like any right when it is not exercised it eventually goes away and is forgotten much like the militia is completely forgotten about by most of the general population today. Instead of using the militia for matters of large scale crime or situations the various government bodies would rather hire more and more "professionals" which in turn become little standing armies of their own much like the evil the Founders wished to avoid.

Food for thought....

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  1. Militia is associated with being a criminal and racist these days in a planned media attempt to put a stop to the idea of the people having any power and the state having all.
    The militia of the future will be more like minute men or the CSA rangers who melted away into unrecognizable citizens who worked their day jobs so to speak.

  2. +Eleventy on what Sunnybrook Farm said.

  3. Good point. Police agencies and the State hate competition, and anything that calls into question their reason for being.

    Protection implies submission:


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