Friday, April 11, 2014

It has Begun

I wish I could tell you I did something exciting or finished a project today that was spectacular but sadly it would be a lie. I took my load of  metal, mostly old fencewire, into the scrap yard this morning and then tilled my entire half acre garden area and mowed the damned lawn.

When I got all that done I had enough light left to climb up on the roof and clear a clog from my gutter downspout.

That was about it today.

Just think in four or five days I will have to do it all over again. Well not the tilling at least that is mostly done. I will re-till it again in sections as I plant so I won't have to waste four hours doing it with the small tiller in one go again.

I really need a tiller for my Ford tractor but the wife won't let me buy one. :(

I bet she would if I put her A$$ behind that walk behind tiller. Why is it they design those things with such a short wheel base and low clearance? Seems like every few feet I have to back it up because so much stuff is getting pushed up under it.

Anyway the soil is some fine stuff. I could almost bag it as potting soil with all the old sheep manure and bedding I have mixed in to it now.

That's about it for tonight. Excuse me while I go pass out.

It was fun resting under the big BoxElder Tree and listening to the thousands of my bees up there working though....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I like your description of your soil. I'm jealous - we just moved so while the soil is a little improved from the clay we had at the last house, it is nothing to write home about. I've got hay and rabbit manure to work with.

    1. TB - I have to say buying this place out from my Mother was not my first choice really because of the lack of trees. BUT. This place has the best damned soil I have ever seen to be honest and some day when I am not donating all the hay and half the property to my Mother's useless horses I can make some money off the place. I have dug holes all over here and never seen a rock or any ground I would call lacking yet. It is some lovely earth.

  2. I have an old front tine tiller that seems to be the tool for making the first pass with as it doesn't clog up as bad as the rear tine version which really smooths out the soil better. Our ground is still too wet to use any of them but maybe it has dried by today, I will look as I need to plant beets. I put manure and old hay on mine and the clay has softened to where I don't plow much anymore. The peach trees have got a lot more bees on them now so the bee population must be increasing.

    1. Sf - Maybe that's what I need a front tine tiller as opposed to this rear one. Really I need a tractor tiller I just can't afford it on my own right now.

      I am hoping the cold we got coming tomorrow doesn't kill off the Plum and Apple blooms at this point.

  3. Tis the season for busy bodies!

  4. Mein Gott! Did you say your wife wouldn't let you do something? My illusions are completely destroyed. It's like finding out Conan the Barbarian takes out the kitchen trash.

    Hey, I am saving that book for you. If you want it let me know where to send it. is the email.

    1. Harry - Well I would need to finance it with either shared or her personal savings and in those areas she has as much say as I do.

      And I will have you know I take out the trash and wash all the dishes Monday thru Friday anyway. I even do about half the cooking those days although all that does lag some when I can work outside.

      I really need to get my son more into action but I am kinda a low pressure fellow where he is concerned actually.


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