Monday, February 3, 2014

Gettin Ready for the Storm and Dealing with Addiction

It actually got up high enough today to melt a bit of the ice and snow that was covering everything. We are also still blessedly windless and that makes a huge difference not to mention we didn't start getting any cloud cover until late afternoon.

The shop called to tell me that the shifter was broken in my truck. About 3 bills to fix it, which is better than I feared but they have to order in the part so it's gonna be a day or two. Oh well I have the backup truck and spent the rest of the day splitting wood, tarping up everything and generally getting ready for this "significant" storm coming tonight and, what is this, round five of sub-zero temps?

Bah. Only a few more weeks...

While I was working away I resisted the urge many times to drive down to the gas station and pick up a Mocha Frappuccino. Let me tell you it was tough. I could down 100 of these things a day without blinking and regardless of what it says on the ingredients panel there is something in them that is addicting. Seriously I can open one up take a drink and feel the waves of relief rolling through me very similar to other addictive substances I have dealt with before. When I first discovered these things they were like .90 cents each and one of the best pick-me-ups I had ever found. These days they are almost $2.50 each if you buy them individually. What a scam.

I know I am not alone in this addiction either. For one thing no place in the area can keep them in stock more than a day or three after getting them in. I have met and know a couple other people who have been complaining about them locally and if you do a search there are gobs of "how to" sites out there with recipes of people trying to figure out how to make em themselves.

They will fail miserably I might add. I have tried making them, the wife has purchased all kinds and brands of substitutes and they all taste like ASS.

Yet I know I have to give them up and I have been slowly weaning myself off them since New Years to the point now that I maybe get two a week these days. I used to have two a day minimum.

This is another point of the decline all of us are going to have to deal with. Any addiction, whether it is actually physical or psychological, is a weakness it is best to not be shackled with as things decline. I think it was Rawles' that mentioned an addict selling their children in one of his novels.

Isn't it interesting how some people can be brutally honest about some social issues while promoting others?

Anyway no matter what addiction you may have it is best to get a  handle on it now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Maybe you could research and find out how to make the drink yourself? I have been selling my excess horse manure to that company, must be a coincidence, any way you can probably find all the ingredients online, save that one secret ingredient that they buy from an undisclosed Virginia farm. Good luck on the truck.

    1. Sf - I have seen many attempts at reproducing it and they all fail miserably. If it is something coming from your herd they are marked for rustling :)

  2. Here is a possibility:

    1. Russ - Nope all those recipes, even that one fall far short. There is somethign they are not telling.

    2. Also the clerks where I buy em admit that they sell em to women about 10 to 1 over men. So I figure that is enough embracing of my feminine side right there :)

      My guess is it's actually too much coffee the ones in the bottles are smoother and only have a hint of coffee in them.

  3. PP,

    Now I pictured you as a hot coffee drinker, not that cold foo foo stuff. Bahahahahahaha..........

    It's hard breaking away from an addiction of Starbucks :-)

    1. Sandy - Nope. The only thing I like about coffee is the smell really. I actually have always preferred my drinks cold even in Winter. If I want hot I go to soups so coffee never did hook me until these things.

      I am on day three without having one now and only 1 this whole week.

  4. I have a hard time understanding the allure of two things that should be serve hot. A mixture of hot chocolate and coffee but serve cold. I'm not a fan of Starbuck's coffee in the first place so that might be my problem.
    I'm a smoker so I do understand about addictions and I work at keeping about a 6 month supply of tobacco on hand along with some vapor e-cigs. I don't want to quit and I know one will be around if I'm cutoff so I'll try and quit when I have no other choice. I will quit if it get's really bad, but I would recommend all innocents stay out of the "IMPACT AREA"

    1. MASR - Well there really isn't much coffee in it, just enough to give it a bit of a zing which is why I find most of the recipes fail at I think they use too much coffee. Personally I never drink anything hot and don;t much like hot drinks as to me I only taste heat. I dated a woman who drank these years ago and she got me hooked on them.

      I also smoke although I have reduced that habit down alot and it is the next one I intend to eliminate completely.

      I must say that today was actually much easier on resisting the mocha run then ever. I might actually have this habit licked.

    2. I'm a Coffee fiend but I neve seem to be affected by the caffine migraine when cut off. Though quite few troops got hit with the caffiene migraine when cut off from soda especally Mt.Dew and did not understand where/why the migraine headache came from or why it happened.

      Coffee/caffine is a good thing to store as it will stave off those migrains and helps with mild allergic recactions and asthma attacks.

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