Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Politics of the Tribe - A Crack in the Feminist Armor

I just read an article over at the SpearHead detailing a revolutionary new action and study by the Washington State Department of Transportation in Seattle of all places, in which they conclude that..... wait for it....

We need a pause for the cause here....

White Women are NOT being discriminated against!!!!!

Did you get that? Let me repeat it because ya know what.... After fifty mother friggin years of hearing about Women being discriminated against and witnessing the destruction of the White race since it was more beneficial for the Women to ally with every other minority out there than their own White Brothers...

White Women are NOT Being Discriminated Against.

Is Discrimination Over for White Women (Video)

WSDOT hired a consultant to conduct a disparity study last year to determine if women and specific minority groups are continuing to experience discrimination when it comes to being awarded contracts on public works projects.
Colorado-based BBC Research and Consulting issued a 678-page report last May that found firms owned by white women are winning enough jobs and don't need the extra help afforded them in the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. Federal rules give DBEs a leg up on winning contracts on highway projects, as general contractors must hire disadvantaged firms to perform a set percentage of a project.

Here is a Link to the Study ( I may print out a copy and frame it)

Yes for my entire life it has been the poor discriminated against Women and now finally the first official and government sanctioned crack has appeared in the beast called Feminism and the Multi-Cult conglomerate known as Liberalism.

Of course the Women's groups are all up in arms about this but the numbers are hard to cover up and many seem to think the standard law suits etc. are not going to work.

History may well determine that this is the turning of the tide. When White Women no longer benefit directly from Affirmative Action perhaps they will finally find that the looting of their brothers, husbands and sons isn't so attractive any longer, especially when the spoils go to others.

I have often said that as this long slow collapse continues the various allied looter groups would begin turning on each other and this maybe one of the first real signs of a tend I hope continues and grows. There simply isn't enough pie to go around.

I simply cannot wait to see the look on their faces.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. At least in the Public Relations business, white women run the show. I have a picture somewhere of a party my brother threw for his associates when he sold the company to an international. There is him, and about thirty attractive young females. In a business where contracts depend on older white males, what better way to gain some traction? Even after he retired, his girlfriend, who had been one of his partners, started a new PR business and now she's doing very well. So, although I don't know about the population in general, I know there are niches for white women. I also know that when I retired, a thirty something woman with a nice figure was selected by my 70 year old lecher of a boss as my replacement, though she knew jack about oil and gas accounting.

    1. Harry - the turning point for me was back 2000, although I had been taking some big hits during the 90's. During 2000 my Ex and I (we were married then) were both out of a job when the company we worked for closed. She had been my web designer while I was the installation manager. She had zero experience at anything other than web design, no accreditation in anything and only a GED for education while I had all of the above and a BA on top of it. She was getting offers for jobs left and right while I got zip. They were not even bothering to check references so I know it wasn't some bad remarks playing in. No they were looking at the names on the resume and throwing mine aside. It wouldn't have mattered what kind of experience I had.

      This poor oppressed woman thing just filled me with a rage back then that has yet to be cooled.

      Probably never will be until I see it crushed.

  2. When I was in the world of computers I never saw women getting paid less for the same job, women who didn't have degrees and had different jobs made less. So these clowns rig the statistics to show that women made less but will not say "for the same job".

    1. SF - The old Women make less myth is taken not by pay v. hours worked compared but by overall pay totals per gender. What ends up happening is men on average work five more hours per week than women and generally have more dangerous and/or time demanding jobs. So yes by the time it is all said and done men make more because frankly they work more.

      Men are also 95% of all work related fatalities but ya don't see anyone screaming about that inequality do you?

  3. I'm a woman, and I couldn't agree more. If I win a project or a challenge I want to do it on my own merit, not because someone let me pull out the "girl card". Frankly it should be that way for everyone, no matter race, color, etc. Take that off the applications all together and let the best man or woman win.

    1. uyyyyyyyyy - I left that because my cat typed it.

      Izzy - Oh I certainly agree. Most of the government bid scam these days are simply a company put in a Woman's name so they can claim the minority owned moniker. It isn't about pulling the girl card and to your credit you see it in an honest light. No. It's about greed and theft pure and simple.

      I hope this is the beginning of a new trend.


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