Friday, November 8, 2013

Well Now Don't I Feel Dumb

It was a slightly warm day. The bees were out flying and I had as usual a long to-do list. My Supervisor and Manager were way ahead of me and some how knew today was the day.

It was take down the garden day!!!!

Only Christmas with all the empty boxes and paper laying everywhere to play with rivals Take Down the Garden Day.

Now taking down the garden may not seem like all that much work to you but it is. You see I grow my tomatoes using T-Posts and light rope or clothes line as a trellis. This allows me to tie the tomatoes off as they grow and it's cheap. The downside is when I have to pull it all apart.

That is it's a downside for me. Not for the cats.

Like most managers and supervisors they make the entire operation much more difficult. I am sure you understand.

I fooled them a bit today though because the main objective when taking down the tomato trellis is to keep as long a piece of line intact as possible. Saves me having to buy new line next year. This objective will last until I get totally fed up with the old grabbing tomato vines and extra tied on support line and whip out the pocket knife.

This year however I have a couple of bee hive boxes that needed repair and repainting along with some unpainted Winter feed boxes I needed to get ready. So I only worked on the garden while I was waiting for the paint to dry.

HAHA Fooled em.

Someone was NOT Amused by the frequent breaks in the action.

My Son had a meeting with his National Guard Recruiter today. He still has to take his test and physical and all but it looks like he is going in as long as he passes everything.

I had only two words of advice for him.

1. Don't go full military right now unless you want to become gay (or pretend you are) or get a sex change operation. Being a Hetero Sexual White Christian Male he isn't going to get a fair shake in the Regular Army.

2. Don't go for a full combat MOS like I did. Do something that will transition into a possible civilian job like your uncle did. There just isn't alot of job opportunities for experienced artillery men these days, or even 20 years ago.

So my son went in to see his Mother last night before the meeting this morning and his Grandmother brought her new Nook down for me to setup last night. Somehow I am Grandma's IT person too I guess. Anyway I needed the password to the modem and router to get the Nook to talk to the internet. Some bogus WiFi security setting thing. My Son usually takes care of the modem/router and wouldn't answer his phone so I rifled through his desk drawer looking for it.

I come across this plastic tube thats about the size of a roll of quarters with dried herbs inside it.

Hmmmmm what have we here?

It even had a few stems in the mix.

Well I bet you guys know what I was thinking.

When he got home tonight I had a little chat with him and told him I wasn't prying into his business but I had to ask about the cylinder of herbs he had.

He looked me in the eye and said.....

"Dad that's catnip for my cat".

I even remember buying it for him now after he told me what it was.

Yep I felt kinda dumb.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. At least you didn't smoke the stuff, you manager and supervisor would be your best friends then.
    I still need to take my pole beans down but that is about it.
    I would stay away from the military now, obama might need a war to help with public opinion soon.

    1. SF - Ya The Manager really and I mean Really likes that stuff. The supervisor doesn't get excited about much of anything it seems.

  2. Two career paths will do your son well. Security or medical.

    1. K - Well he wants to go into some type of engineering.which works well for him around here since the Mo Guard is almost totally engineering units.

      He definitely wouldn't be cut out for medical though.

  3. Around here, I have noticed that a lot of electricians were on subs in the navy.

    1. Russ - Naval experience does seem to help for the technical trades I have noticed. It worked for my brother.

  4. I'd go Navy as far a tech training. I was Army signal corps (You can talk about us, but you can't talk without us). I loved my time in the Army and would have retired if I hadn't been disabled. But I could not recommend a kid joining
    today's military. You might have him take a look at heavy construction as those folks can make major "bank" fighting forest fires in the summer.

    1. MASR - Well if he gets the MoS he is shooting for I believe it will be surveying and construction like roadbeds and stuff. It has a much more important sounding name like geological engineer but my guess is he will be holding a surveying rod as a line man. :)

  5. Push him towards the Intelligence field. Yep, many years ago I too came across a plastic bag of son swore up and down he found it. I said, "Sure you did."

    1. Stephen - Well I remembered buying it for his cat after he told me what it was. It made sense because really my Son hates the smell of pot smoke or any smoke for that matter. Don't ask me how I know that either.

  6. You've busted your cat's drug pimp. Now what are they going to do for a fun time? Oh....go annoy you while trying to take down the garden. Just another example of why the War on Small Hold Catnip is a losing game.

    1. Carolyn - You are 100% correct I have taken the Libertarian approach and made catnip legal. Only a Minor infraction if caught growing it too.

  7. PP,

    Your instructions to your son regarding the military positions are dead on, especially right now.

    As for the catnip...........
    All the feral cats in the area will be lined up at your back door waiting for their nickel bags.

    1. Sandy - HA. I think the local cat horde is keeping any new refugees away right now. Haven't had a new stray cat in almost a year now.


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