Saturday, November 9, 2013

Not a Very Popular Fellow

Well my Buddy Frazier isn't so much my buddy today. In fact today I have been stung twice by my bees, head butted by the Ram, kicked by a Ewe, called a slave driver by my son and kicked at by one of the old nags.

You see it was a very nice day around the Small-Hold, temps in the upper 60's and little wind, which meant it was time to switch the hives over to Winter feeding tops and at least give each hive a pound or so of dry sugar for emergencies. Not sure when the next time I will have such a warm day and for this job I needed to take the inner covers off. If it was much colder that would let too much heat out.

Now each hive has at least a small ventilation entrance or a regular top entrance. This is important in case we get another heavy, wet snow now they cannot be snowed in. I still have to watch for ice storms though.

Also the Winter covers are taller. In the Summer the bees would build comb in them but not generally in Winter. Together with a smaller central hole this allows me to open the top and dump dry sugar in if the hives get low and not let out much heat.

Still the girls were not happy I took their liquid feeders away or opened up the hives.

Today was also the day to separate the flock and introduce the breeding ewes to the rams. You would think this would make Frazier happy. Truth to tell he was quite smitten with Seven and she was more than just interested in Frazier but after a few minutes Frazier got very protective of little Miss Seven and was not happy when she came up to the fence wanting me to pet her neck.

Later as I was adjusting the fence from the inside he actually head butted me a bit when Seven got to close trying to see what I was doing.

If he isn't careful I may have to break out the Monkey with a Stick move on him.

He hates that.

In fact he wants all sticks outlawed with a registration and everything.

There was a lot to do today and I demanded my Son help me all morning which got me labeled a slave driver and then when I opened the hay field gate so my Mother would have enough space (12 acres minimum) to turn her truck and trailer around the nags thought it was an early feeding time. They kept grouping up by the gate and when I ran em off the mean one that attacked the dog the other day took a half hearted kick at me as she ran off.

The Bitch.

She just made top of the list when the time comes to begin getting rid of those nags.

Things are settling down now a bit and soon everyone will be over the changes in their lives. Will more than likely take em longer to forgive me though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Sounds like you should go on a two week vacation and let them do all the work for awhile. Of course it would still be there when you got back I guess. It never got that warm here so I have had a small fire going all day and just came in to throw on some more wood as it is cloudy and cooling down again.

    1. Sf - Nothing would get done outside or in and around the barn if I didn't do it. When I came back stuff would be scattered around or broken and I would have more to do.

      After I wrote this post I went out and fixed the slide door on the barn and the track it fits in added a new walk in gate to one of the sheep paddocks and picked up about a pound of loose wire and binder twine my mother just let's fall where she takes it off.

      It's maddening.

    2. And I thought I was having a bad week. LOL

  2. You got to watch those rams. Been knocked on my kiester a few times by mine too!


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