Thursday, November 14, 2013

EPA Ramping up It's War on Rural America

The EPA is predictably moving down the avenue of unrestrained power grabbing and playing stormtrooper for the Liberal Femocrats as they have been for the last few years. From climate change to gun control they are just different sects of the same Liberal religion of wealth redistribution by whatever means works.

While Obummer and crew gut the Middle class to pay for free abortions the EPA is once again attempting to label every ditch and drain as part of their domain and hoping to make every house with a fireplace or wood stove shell out even more money by declaring their woodstoves illegal.

Have you guys priced wood furnaces lately?

EPA Bans Most Wood-Burning Stoves

EPA Massive Power Grab of Private Property Across USA

Just more maneuvers in the on going war on Rural America. These are just two which happened to make recent headlines. The list of how they plan on making rural living completely impossible are in fact endless. From mud puddles to cow farts they will strip us of property rights however and where ever they can.

At some point in this long slow painful collapse the threat will not be the starving city refugees moving into the rural areas for food. No before we get to that stage we will be tested by collectivist thugs sporting letters on their body armor and invading your property for a paycheck. Mercenaries looting rural America to pay for their Socialist dreams.

From ATF to DoD they will all be represented.

The recent raid on the small gold mines in Alaska included individuals from agencies such as the FBI, BLM, DoD, Forest Service, and Coast Guard. When they declare a "Task Force" it seems to mean any gung-ho type can cross agency "co-operate" to get his jollies.

Call it what you will. Swallow the Political Correctness pill if you like. Ultimately these actions are targeted towards one racial segment of the population specifically.  Disparate Impact alone should stop these collectivist in their tracks but that never seems to apply to those who own land now does it?

Ever ask yourself why?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. In my opinion they are trying to force Rural Americans into the cities for better control of our lives. Folks out in the country are more apt to have weapons, then those in the city. It will take less manpower to control city folks then rural folks less ground to cover. The big question is are we becoming more like Nazi Germany or the Soviets of old?? My answer is Yes both of them.

  2. They think rural people are substandard humans the guns and stuff are keeping them from actually doing what they want to do.

  3. What a mess. Here if you own even a tiny piece of 'wetland' you're a target.

  4. Whats interesting is that the woodstove we have, according to the manual, is rated at 4.4G/h by the EPA, and yet is NOT on the approved list of stoves. And its not because its no longer made, they list several stoves that are no longer in production....

  5. It's the hivist mentality and it's about control. People in cities are easy to control. Rural areas are much tougher in terms of forcing "compliance" with whatever the governments ABC agencies consider the hot button of the day.

  6. PP: Please check your email. : )

    BTW: I like this post.They know they can't take away the guns from rural America so in order to try and pacify it, they will use other the EPA.
    Near our Carolina property is a gold mine...I am just waiting to hear what happens there with regulations and such.

  7. Sorry, if they think DH is getting rid of the wood stove in the man cave, they got another thing coming! That would mean I would have a bunch of cigar smoking, beer drinking, farting fellows thinking they could come into the house to watch football! Not going to happen.

    If they really want to cut gov't. spending, get rid of the alphabet agencies.


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