Friday, November 15, 2013

Behind a Bit

I am behind the posting, replying and email curve for yesterday and today. My Son went to the MEPS yesterday and took his test which means I didn't have my helper for a few things I needed to get done and his pet cat has been extra needy as well.

I cannot even type anything because this damned cat keeps crawling unto my keyboard. No other creature on the place can tolerate this pain in the A$$ feline. Even it's own mother doesn't want to be pestered by it. The only one who will play with this demon kitten from hell is my son. I have also had to take over the morning sheep and horse feeding duties that my Son usually did for his Grand mother.

As an update he scored high enough on his ASVAB to more than qualify for the technical MOS he wanted but entering day 2 he has to take a battery of visual tests and pass them as well. We spent most of the evening on the phone together back and forth and he was lamenting the fact that he was too excited to sleep and had a wake up call for 4:30.

I had to chuckle and tell him he better get used to that.

If everything goes the way he wants and he passes all the physical tests he will join up as an Engineer. A 12 Yankee of all things. I think he will be the first member of the family to have an MOS that doesn't have a Bravo designation ever. OK there was the one that joined the Navy but his name was removed from the family roll call.

So let it be written, so let it be done :)

The reality is though I had a hand in his decision. I have been determined that my boy will not make the same mistakes I did. By the time I was his age I was a hard drinking, smoking, brawling, womanizing Rogue who barely managed to avoid jail time by joining the Army. Even then I had a few court ordered pieces of paper following me halfway across the world that we won't go into here.

The Specialist at the MEPS station back then chuckled at the legal waivers I had to have to join up. By the time it was over I think he was living vicariously through me as he made me explain each incident.

I believe his last line was something about never making a waiver for someone who stole a cement truck before. There was also the oil paint in the pool episode he liked.

Even when I tried to become respectable and finish college while contracting ROTC I was told "sorry no slot for JOO" (Thanks Clinton) and was left with an experience and skill set that had absolutely ZERO use in the real world.

Hell I was a dinosaur before I even hit my 30th birthday and a member of the most hated class on the planet with a big target on my torso for every man hating FemoNazi with a little newly appointed power to exercise. I think I became the scapegoat for every Ex that ever broke their widdle hearts.

The Poor Dears.

In so many ways my Son is so completely different. He is polite, hates smoke and alcohol, hasn't been in trouble since grade school and has no clue where one would even have to go for a State ordered paternity test.

He also is overly trusting, a hopeless romantic and plagued by a lack of experience and a dangerous fantasy inspired awe of girls.

That last one will get him into more trouble than he can even imagine.

I am afraid at this point in order to avoid one set of circumstances I have created nothing but a "babe in the woods" scenario and the sharks are gonna eat him alive.

I don't know if I did the right thing or have simply thrown chum in the water and declared it feeding time.

This parenting crap is hard.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. He sounds pretty smart I'm sure he muddle through.That women thing now that's a tough nut to crack there.

    1. STevierayv - He will learn after about the second time one is standing their looking at him with his bloody heart dripping through her fingers.

      I just hope he doesn't get set up for financial ruin in the process.

  2. hey nice post mehn. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Taking Life’s Scenic Route When There Seems To Be Better Options .
    keep up the good work.


  3. PP,

    You did good raising your son. He will stand strong on his feet when he goes off to basic.

    1. Sandy - I think basics is gonna be a real rude awakening for him. He came home today and said they told him he could keep his hair since it was already regulation short.

      Ya right.

  4. Parenting is hard. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend came in high as kites last weekend. She still claims she did nothing wrong! I sometimes wonder why we even have children LOL!!!! Sounds like your raising your boy up right. I'm sure he will be fine even with the ladies. My parents were horrible. I tend to be a little too easy with my kids. I know what they are going to do wrong so I expect it and then they do it and I'm pissed. It's annoying. I'm counting the days until they are adults ☺
    Your demon cat from hell comment cracks me up. I can tell you really like cats. I'm not a big fan but they do some crazy stuff lol!!!!

    1. Kelly - I was pretty easy on my son as well and took some major criticism because of it but I also had him basically locked up out here too far for him to go get in trouble lol. It got him passed the age were peer pressure is so bad and allowed him to formulate opinions based on nothing more than his senses and not what he thought would be cool.

      I am not a huge cat fan but they LOVE me and since they just keep showing up I just got used to them. It was either that or start killing em.

  5. I bet on your fitness reports they always checked the block marked "not observed" under "tact."

    Your son will do fine. He'll be in with good people, and have some structure. It's natural to worry though.

  6. Parenting is hard, but at some point you realize that you need something right, and you take pride in him. I have noticed that after we got home my kids settled way down. Less stress. Of course my daughter grew up when she found out she was pregnant. She is making good decisions, and less fighting with Mom.

    PS I sent you an email last night.


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