Wednesday, October 23, 2013

There was no Day 3

I got nothing productive done around the Small-Hold today except to bring in supplies for more work.

My Mother wanted us to have a three generation day and begged me to get my hair cut for her. I had told the wife I was never cutting my hair or beard again until she got rid of a stray animal (Or three) since she has more than exceeded her limit. The Mrs. began playing dirty and enlisted the aid of my Mother attempting to force me into hair removal.

Honestly she held out so long it was starting to really annoy me so I gave in. I just can't stand my hair getting too long.

But I kept the big hairy BEARD!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

It really makes me look about 10 years older than I am but I don't care. My ears were also cold all day.

I had to break out my mountain man hat.

After the hair removal it was a trip to the feed store time and then lunch with my Liberal Femocrat cousins. My Mother and my oldest cousin are almost the same age so they are more like sisters in a way. I couldn't resist throwing a few political digs their way during lunch. These two (Cousin and Husband) are both huge Obummer fans and of course retired government employees now traveling everywhere on someone else's dime they call a pension. He is especially bad since he was old school White Male bureaucrat who once he had his position secured sacrificed every White Male who came after on the alter of dieversity.

Some day I plan on reminding him of that when it will really sink in.

Anyway lunch being over it was time to go pick up fencing materials. We ended up having to travel 30 miles out of our way as someone had just bought all the T-Posts at the closes Tractor Supply. We only needed about 100 of them plus the barbed wire but they were completely tapped out.

By the time we made it back home and I unloaded everything it was already getting dark and it was my night to make dinner. Not sure what has happened today nor had time to get a post ready so you get this boring "What I did today" post with no  pearls of infinite wisdom or rapier wit.

Sorry :(

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP,

    So you were sporting a Duck Dynasty do??

    Now you just have the beard :-)

  2. Its always fun to piss off the Liberals. I bet you are taking all the tposts and Bwire, sealing yourself in the barn for the winter. bahahahah

  3. They make those posts out of old railroad rails, I saw a really net TV show about it. I look for abandoned fence rows on the old farm and pull them for my own use. I see no reason to leave them standing in the woods with no wire. They outlasted the wire. Anyway if you pull a post in the woods and nobody is there, it doesn't make noise or something like that.

  4. I would have never thought of you with long hair and a long beard... But i bet sporting your new "do" that you look quite dapper...

    I feel your pain on the liberal family members, we all have one some where in the wood pile. It seems like time in general is just getting away from all of us, I take the kids to school, and before I know it, the time has come to pick them up... Then once in the car I am asked " what did you do today mom" ? ummmmm

  5. At least a beard keeps your face warm in winter.

    I was doing some fiddling around on the net and saw this article. Thought you might be interested.


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