Friday, October 11, 2013

The Constitution, Secession, Preppers, Survivalist, Threepers, Oathkeepers Oh My!

I can't say I really understand the back and forth arguments between the factions of what I term loosely as the Patriot community. I know there is some bad blood there and things have been said and/or done over the years. Mostly stuff I am not privy to so I have stayed out of it as I enjoy reading opinions from all sides of the general melee. I have also had a few major disagreements here and there with members of all the various factions but I certainly never considered breaking ties with an entire side over them.

These days I am not even sure were I fall in the scheme of things. I was a founding member of Oathkeepers but I am not even sure I am a member any longer.  After about the third time they reorganized things I guess I somehow got lost in the shuffle and I never pursued it after that. I once agreed with the basic concept of Oathkeepers but for a while there they seemed more interested in going to rallies than anything else and I am more community/local focused.

Since I already own my land and am not a big fan of moving (and getting a divorce to do so) that cuts me out of another faction and I do have some serious disagreements with the ever PC/left leaning prepper community.

The sustainable crowd is also taking a hard left/feminist bent these days as well, at least in blog land, as many of the informational sites go silent and are replaced with knitting circle boards more interested in knick knacks, networking and cute stories than anything else. I always knew that was a danger since the sustainable ideology is so close to the yuppie organic craze. These days every over the hill feminist who grows a tomato thinks they are a sustainable community organizer.

We are in a state of major upheaval right now. The Constitution is dead. That second most sacred of documents has been ripped to shreds by politicians and leftist/feminist cherry picking parts and throwing others out that it means nothing. 99% of the population has no idea what is printed there anyway so you cannot expect them to care or defend it. All branches of the military are being purged and less populated areas of the country are being looted and oppressed by taxation and EPA regulations.

Now more than ever secession seems the only viable road. I am amazed at how fast the idea of secession is spreading as well. Less than a year ago many people openly laughed at any talk of secession and today we have counties actively attempting to secede from their parent states. The next step is clear for all to see and whats more as I have said for months now, eventually secession will be a matter of survival. The very way of life and mob rule the cities have chosen will force secession or death on the more rural areas.

Balkanization has begun in earnest and it is going to take a while to work itself out. Many outside pressures can effect the way it grows as well. A financial or other collapse could actually kill it if it limited the power of the Federal government. One thing is clear though the balkanization is creating many different factions all over the country.

What works for one group doesn't really fit for another and it is going to cause a lot of in fighting before it is done.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. A well written stop and think post my friend...the clock is running, tic, tic, tic

  2. I certainly see what you are saying. But I think it's a little too black and white. There's going to be a huge areas of grey.

    You can probably use the drug war as a model. Ridiculous laws are passed at, the reality detached core, that can't possibly be enforced. Then out in the field routine patrols are made that find nothing: because they're routine. Ok course, the patrols are routine because somewhere off the well worn path lies a balls out gunfight nobody wants.

    The specifics change with the particular law, area, etc. But, you can see this basic pattern throughout a whole bunch of stupid policies. I fully expect it to be extended to the areas you mention.


    1. Dan - I didn't mean to imply there would be Black and White too much. I agree there is going to be a long period of gray everywhere.

      I hope you are correct about the last part though it would mean there would be a chance.

  3. I don't believe there will ever be any secession that will be successful because of one reason and one reason alone. Economics, pure and simple. That is the same reason the Civil War was actually fought and not over slavery as most people believe. Lincoln didn't care much about slavery one way or the other, be he absolutely refused to let go of all the productive Southern agricultural areas. He realized the South was a gold mine of natural resources, not to mention the miles of oceanfront areas. He simply as a matter of economics refused to lose all those resources. The same thing will happen now but the most valuable resource in the areas that are talking about secession are the taxpayers. After all, these areas are where most of the hard working middle-class Americans live, and we pay way too much in the way of taxes to support the Urban leaches. If we stop sending in our taxes, where will the money come from to keep the government checks flowing. The Feds simply will not allow us to leave, we are the Golden Goose!

    1. SD - No argument here about resources. The Blue areas may claim more income but it is made off the production of the Red areas.

      However there is one major difference between the civil war and now. You can see the difference when you look at the demographics of how people vote and who would be for secession. The civil war was basically fought with two sides of the same demo-graphical group. This time I think commitment to the cause will mean a lot more.

  4. I can see Texas and surrounding states succeed and Texas has more of a right than anyone as they were a sovereign country before joining the union. Most of my state has become a suburb of DC so our area would have to join a new mountain based area that extends to through the Carolinas. We stopped being the united states when diversity started being worshiped.

    1. Sf - Ya I can see being so close to DC might be a problem but once the tax money spigot is turned off you might find yourself being far enough out that they won't mess with you.


  5. Way too much buy-in to the system.

    The numbers of actual people who want to secede is small. Of the political parties, seems like the tea party folks are the most inclined to this type of talk, but they are also the ones (at least the ones I meet in person) who are most worried about their social security. All hard core for cost cuts until the issue of their SS cost of living adjustment comes up.


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