Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Reading - In Emergency Break Glass

It is sometimes refreshing to revisit one's ideological roots from time to time. I had two incidents within the blogging world that reinforced my thinking this week, and one in the entertainment sphere, one of which took me back to an article I had read almost seven years ago. The other reminded me of just how guys like me (and most all of my blogging friends) are viewed until the situation changes for the worst.

Earlier this week Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In had a story about his encounter with one of today's modern independent women.

Here is a brief quote of how the woman described my friend when he asked if they knew each other...

"I hope the hell not. You're the most fearsome creature I've seen in weeks." Fearsome, she said...
Caught me by surprise that did, but I held my composure and came back with a sharp off the cuff, "Excuse me," then glanced around, kinda embarrassed.

"You look like one of those ultra-conservative militant militia types that want to destroy our government."

This little bit of reasoning was followed closely by a scene I caught from watching a  television series I happen to like on Netflix. In the series one of the main characters is interacting with a woman romantically when she proclaims the danger of men who wear utilitarian "army surplus" attire and happen to be handy with tools or some such drivel. The thinly veiled theory is they are dangerous.

Ya us dangerous White men. All boring utility and scary looks with shades of controlling good advice out to make sure all the little independent women are kept down.

Don't cha know.

Then Paul Kersey over at SBPDL while writing about the eye opening Katrina disaster using it to make another point linked to an article I had almost forgotten about from long ago.

Superdome a Hellhole: Aussies tell

Here is the story of a couple of young, independent Aussie girls stuck in the Superdome after Katrina.

"We were really worried as guys kept pestering us. The English girl went to the toilets and she was grabbed by some of them, but she managed to run away.


"You couldn't go anywhere without being grabbed and hassled.
"We stopped queuing up for food as we were too scared. The boys in the group said not to go anywhere by ourselves but to go with them."

Does that not remind you of a discussion we had here some weeks ago. Limiting movement because of danger was viewed as just another form of control by the White "Patriarchy" at other times. Guess that control which was so restricting became comfortable then.

 And the final solution.

"We put all our luggage in the middle and the girls sat in the middle with the boys around the outside."

Or to put the entire theme into one picture.

What would really be convenient would be to place one of these "utilitarian, Army surplus wearing, Men" behind glass to be opened in emergencies only.

As this decline continues and we have more days like Katrina or when the EBT cards stop working my bet is there is going to be alot of glass breaking going on.

Hope your prepared.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Exactly. Well said, my friend.

  2. "They" better not count on me being there to help. I'm not playing their game anymore.


  3. Replies
    1. CL - Thank you. In fact double thank you from all of us old military white guys :)

  4. There is an old Sean Connery movie titled The Presidio. In one scene he is lamenting how people treat old soldiers in peace time. He said we are like a big old mean bulldog, when the burglar breaks in we are glad to have the dog to protect us. But when company comes over for dinner we are embarrassed by the big, mean, slobbering dog so we put him out of sight. I guess us proud courageous white men need to be kept out of sight until needed, but if they don't break the glass soon, it may be too late for us to help.

    1. SD - Wow I hadn't thought about that movie in years but I remember his rant now that you mention it.

      I also remember the Eastwood flick where they accused him of being a break glass in time of war guy.

  5. They are the plastic people with plastic tools and plastic money, they can't handle steel.

    1. SF - That is a damned fine statement.

      so true.

  6. I think you struck a nerve with me. I could not agree more with what you wrote.
    I hear this drivel quite often from "well meaning mommy" types. Then they realize my kid is out on the gym floor in is bought-from-ebay, XXL (38in inseam) bdu's...because he's being raised to be a man and do man things, like split wood with a maul, so regular clothes just don't cut it. We're practical like that. And he's a man-in-training that can cut the wood, bring it in and then hold the door for a lady or seat his mother at the table and say grace.
    I used to feel sorry for all the manhating feminazis but I don't any longer and I don't feel sorry for the sissyboys they marry. They deserve each other.


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