Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simply Brilliant

I been feeling really out of sorts the last couple of days. Extremely tired and lack of motivation but I think this evening I finally got to the crux of the matter as my sinuses clogged up and I began sneezing terribly. Here I thought it was a little too early for a cold of this magnitude but it would explain my lethargic mood and frequent tiredness. I hope it goes away soon because I got work piling up that I just cannot get interested in long enough to make much headway on, and there ain't that many days left to get things done.

Today was also a really slow news and blogging day as well which didn't help me perk up at all. So all you bloggers I follow I blame you guys as well. :)

Anyway things do seem to be picking up some steam tonight and I am going to finally chime in on the government shutdown/obamacare issue a bit.

If the Republicans are doing what I think they are doing they have risen in my personal estimation by a considerable amount. Honestly from what I have seen out of the Republicans over the last five years I never thought it was possible for them to act intelligently at all but the timing of this thing is just too perfect to be an accident.

Not only are the Femocrats foaming at the mouth like they always do but responsible Americans are hitting the financial wall of signing up for Obummercare and their heads are exploding. The costs for anyone with assets or a job are proving to be simply ruinous to say the least.

The Obummer regime being the typical adolescent tyrants they have always been are alienating large groups of people left and right playing their little "Make it hurt" game which is totally off setting the complaints from the 2 million or so government leeches effected by the shut down.

I am starting to believe we are closer to violence now than we have ever been since this all started. This thing could really explode especially if there are some serious interruptions in government checks. The Golfer in Chief is stirring up his base and I wouldn't put it passed them to actually make some kind of illegal move on Republican lawmakers if this goes on another few days.

But more remarkable than anything the Republicans seem to have found something that resembles a spine.

Of course they could cave tomorrow but as things stand right now this whole situation is a major league game changer. It blow up one way or another over night.

Be Ready and....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. They are going to send the funding separately to bumma and force him to veto the funding himself put his mark on saying no to his beloved subjects.

  2. I think you're right about things as they are, assuming no major defections from the right.

  3. PP,

    I'm just waiting for the something to hit the fan.

  4. They'll cut some kind of deal to save face. It's a game for them, in both parties.


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