Monday, August 26, 2013

Review - NBC's Revolution

So tonight let's do a review of NBC's "Revolution" television series. I can sum it up pretty quickly with a simple phrase I use for most all television shows these days.

More of the same PC crap and Multi-cult propaganda.

The show actually started off pretty well. I ignored the standard 90 pound female who could slug it out with every bad guy toe to toe except the mandatory mulatto she is destined to fall in love with. My guess is AE or the Oxygen channel has bought enough stock in other entertainment companies that they managed to make the Hot White Chick /Minority Male romance a prerequisite for all television shows.

As I said it is fitting that "Charlie" (The young Female lead standing in the picture with her breasts poking out center right) can take down every Male twice her size without breaking a sweat except for the blue shirted startrek extra with the bow (forefront right). He just knows how to put the moves on her I guess.

Of course the main hero is an Ex-Marine White Guy named Miles (center Left) who (with his buddy Sabastion Monroe - Top Left) just happened to take over all of the Northeast from the Mississippi to Maine after some scientific experiment shut down all electricity.  They managed to do this completely with militia infantry too I might add and although their intentions started out good they fell into the tyrant trap and began to rule with an iron fist.

Miles got fed up and left after trying to kill Sabastion (he couldn't because of some Bromance they have going on) and was living underground in Chicago.

Charlie is Miles' niece and it just so happens Charlie's parents were the lead scientist who were in charge of the project that shut down the power. They are in the picture somewhere but I just don't care anymore.

Let's sum up a bit. The bad guys kill Charlies' father and capture her Brother. The first major antagonist is a Black Man named ... who cares... oh ya Neville. He happens to be Mulatto boy's dad too BTW. The Militia also is keeping Charlies' mother captive. Charlie goes off with Aaron (the standard nerd, over weight useless White Man) and her step mother to find Miles and rescue her brother.

They pick up another 90 pound Female fighter with super powers and join the revolutionary forces who are attempting to bring the United States back.

Along the way we are introduced to a bevy of extras, From the ever elusive Black Female scientist to the always sadistic White Guy Hermits. One rule though from this point on is that any extra character with an appealing back story must be a Minority or gay and any White Man must be an evil guy. Any White Male who is not evil must have absolutely no real part in the series and must die before the episode ends, name unknown. Every tough guy with any competence what so ever MUST be Black. No questions asked or waiver given.

Just when I think that at least the writers are being equal on race of the bad guys however we get introduced to the ultimate bad guy named Randal. The final episode has Randal tricking everyone and launching ICBMs at Atalanta and Philadelphia so that the old US President in exile (He is in Cuba) can return. Now why he would be in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay is a mystery but at the in end Randal declares he is a patriot and blows his brains out.

Ya that isn't a little dig at present day Conservatives now is it?

So watching this rainbow coalition's first season all I could think of at the end is. Shouldn't that make the rebels happy? Sure the nukes seemed a bit much but at least the US forces are coming back.

My guess for season two is that the returning US forces are all going to be racist conservative White Men. Just wait and see.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. I watch it, It gives me something to watch. I know what you are saying, but hey it beat's drugs, and drinking LOL. Plus its better then a video game.

    1. Agreed Rob I kept watching it because I wanted to see how far they would take it and what tricks they would try.

  2. You lasted longer than I did. I managed to quite watching middle of the first season. Can't say that I've missed it either.

    1. K - Well I like to watch a movie or something in the evening to unwind and NBC was streaming it so I figured why not.

      I don't own a TV so it's computer or nothing for me.

  3. PP,

    Hubby and I watched 2 episodes of season 1 on this show and both said the same thing, not worth watching.

    We picked it up on HULU Plus.

    We are looking forward to watch the program "The Americans" on FX.

    1. Sandy - Before watching it once a week I missed alot of their subtle anti-WHite crap. Wasn't until it came out on netflix that I got the total immersion.

  4. Hadn't even heard of this before reading your post. I haven't missed anything.

    1. RP- Not really it had promise then turned into the same thing as every post apocalyptic series. Gunships and nuke before the first season is finished.

  5. I saw the commercials... But my shows are all on History Channel ( Vikings) and the mini-series on Stars right now ( The White Queen)
    the only real prime time TV show I watch is
    "criminal minds" and that is because every one carrys Glocks and you can't go wrong with that....... : )

    1. JuGM - Like I said I watched it because they had it available online. The Vikings series is very good as well I love it.

    2. I have them all recorded. I just wish I could get Senior into watching it

  6. I made it through half an episode before i got pissed off.

  7. Interesting points. This is why I do not have a television and why I have not bothered going to the movies since 1999. A waste of money and brain cells.

    A point I wanted to make is how they use an ex Marine too. Really? Have you met many military people? It's no secret that the forces in the US military are crapping out and that the quality of person in the military has gone down substantially. Frankly I see alot of freaks in the military and I believe that there is much deadwood there.
    Its like the show wants to drive home that military men are all great and that we should automatically respect them.


    1. Lorraine - I am ex military myself so yes I have met a number of them.

      Yes you are correct the military is not now what it once was. Back in the day some 20 to 30 years ago, 80% of it was made up of small town White Men and interestingly enough both the lead character and his friend are from rural Indiana in the show.

      However my final take was that in this case the writers were trying to make the Ex-Military White Men look like they would become tyrants in the end not respect them.

      I also found it funny in the show that after the first couple of lead female characters all the other White Females had to be gay or something.

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