Saturday, August 3, 2013

Entertainment Review Time

So I haven't done one of these is a really long time. I kinda lost interest in reviewing "The Walking Dead" after they made their medic vet guy a tri-pod boy and the plot got all messed up. Once the body count by live humans surpassed the zombie inflicted casualties it really got boring for me. I still watched it but the thrill was gone for that season. Perhaps the next season will be exciting once again.

Anyway this evening I am going to talk about another TV series that was recently added to Netflicks and really only has a casual connection to the sustainable world. Oh who am I kidding it really has no connection to sustainable, survival, homesteading or prepping when you get right down to it. I think the only reason this series even made it onto my radar and the sustainable world in particular is that it is set in the so called "redoubt" state of Wyoming.

Yes I am talking about that rural cops show set in some fantasy county of Wyoming entitled "Longmire". I haven't checked but it maybe set in an actual county but the circumstances they present in this county on the screen is pure fantasy. I haven't been to Wyoming in twenty years but I know it is pure fantasy none-the-less.

If it wasn't for the fact that Netflicks hasn't added in any new episodes or series worth watching lately I would have stopped watching this Liberal propaganda trash after the second episode but I have to get something for my money I guess.

What did I like about this season of "Longmire"? Well the scenery is sometimes nice and I am certainly not talking about the old female Starbuck actress as scenery either. Oh it had a bear in it that ate some guy that was kinda interesting. It had a clown in one of the episodes so that does get the series an automatic +1 boost. Anything with a clown in it is bound to be fun.

Ok that's out of the way so what were my problems with the show? For one thing why is it that every bad guy for the most part is a White Male? Oh there are a few bad guy Indians mostly very low level sleaze-balls at best here and there and half of them are portrayed as simple victims driven to whatever low level crime they might have done by the evil White Man of course. The other half of the Indian criminals were simply supporting criminals being manipulated by... wait for it.... the Evil White Man. The main character seems to have more interest in pagan Indian rituals and history than those of his own kind but what do you expect?

There was in fact one money grubbing White Female bad apple social services worker who was portrayed as making up reasons to legally kidnap Indian children so she could split the extra government support money with a sleaze-ball White Man of course. That particular episode as in more than half of the others had to have a White Male sex offender in it as well. Apparently only White Males are sex offenders don't ya know? Seriously I can think of at least five episodes out of ten that had some reference to White Male sex offenders in them. From the social services one to the under age prostitutes (Indian BTW) to the High School gang rape of... you guessed it a young Indian girl to the guy who kept a cult of kidnapped girls named for the calender.

I have to admit that guy had some good taste if not much style or sanity.

Let's see. Oh ya. This county in rural Wyoming also happens to have one of the few dozen or so Black Female doctors known to humankind. Not one Black resident shown that I ever saw but by golly they managed to squeeze a Black Woman doctor into the show.

The only deputy Sheriff Longmire can rely on is his super trooper petite female sidekick who is an ex-homicide detective from Philadelphia... ah-huh. His other deputies are the back stabbing White guy who is banging Longmire's daughter and trying to take the sheriff job in the election. We cannot forget the standard over weight White guy deputy Ferguson who is there for comic relief and to show what unappealing, fools any honest White Man is. Except for the main character hero of course.

In fact I am just going to stop here. If I tried to go any further or even touched on Lou Diamond Philips character I would become violently ill I think. This series has been nothing but a study in Hollywood Liberal Propaganda conditioning from the pilot episode.

Nothing but bashing White Men as evil sex offenders and painting a picture of the "Noble Savage" for everyone to oooooo and ahhhhh over. The only good message I got from it is at least the Sheriff handles things mostly as they should be handled without armored personnel carriers and a swat team crashing down doors. We won't mention the revenge killing he did against the guy who killed his wife in Denver however.

All in all a pretty sad piece of Multi-Cult Propaganda.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Didn't catch it. Didn't look interesting to me.

    1. Rob - I had seen it mentioned in a couple of survival/sustainable blogs so I checked it out.

  2. Haven't seen it but don't take shows like that to heart. It's just Hollywood doing their thing.

    1. eileen - Yes and that is my problem all the shows are like this and it does have an effect on popular opinion. It's like watching a permanent propaganda television program.

  3. That's my favorite show! I am so annoyed I am going to hold my breath til I die and it's all your fault. ;-)

    I think maybe most of the characters are white or indian because that's who really lives in places like the fictional county there. I mean, we don't have any black people living in this county....

    It's like going to the movie and seeing something like "Iron Man" you have to engage in the willing suspension of disbelief.

    I also like The Americans, Defiance, and Falling Skies. I have been watching The Bridge but it's pretty strange.

    1. HF - Oh I understand why they show the demographics they do. That is why the one Black appearance until the Denver guy showed up was such a glaring piece of propaganda on it's own.

      I can't say I been to a reservation in Wyoming but I have been to ones in New Mexico and South Dakota and unless things have changed drastically in the last twenty years well all I can say is they are doing some serious role reversal on who is doing what and seriously romanticizing values and attitude.

      I could tell you some real horror stories about living near reservations.

    2. In fact after living in a few Western States one thing that brought me back to Missouri was the fact that it was about as far West as you can get without having reservations scattered around to deal with. Come a true collapse I think many people "out West" are delusional about the dangers they may face coming out of the reservations.

      It is a White elephant that almost everyone ignores and pretends doesn't exist but I have seen it break out in several instances. There is some real hatred there and there will be casualties if the system breaks down I assure you.

    3. Rural America, which the loss of work and aging population, is catching up to the reservations.

  4. I went to school at the University of New Mexico 71-75. There was a big Navajo reservation near Gallup. I drove through it once in awhile. One time it was snowing like hell and really cold. I drove up to a grocery store in town, and this old indian guy was laying in the gutter with ice all over him. I went inside and told the guy at the register they better call the police, and the people there all laughed. The guy at the register said "don't worry about that a**hole, he's just an old drunk." I guess it was pretty common place. Longmire is actually filmed in New Mexico but I haven't seen any squatty indians so they must have imported some plains indians for the show. You know how it is, if they do a show about L.A. all the gang bangers are saintly people forced into a life of crime by "the system." Realism will get you sued and your program pulled off the air.

    1. You're correct about that. However maybe it is time that when they fudge and make White Men the constant scape goats they get sued as well.

      It does and is having some long term effects and in my opinion should not be tolerated. At the very least I can assure you the angry minorities take these things as facts and that in itself is dangerous.

    2. I managed a hotel in New Mexico for a while and almost the entire staff were Pueblo Indians. The ones I worked with were great and I have some fond memories from knowing them but they also opened my eyes to some other things that should never be glossed over or ignored.

      I could list off many instances where I saw these dangers manifest themselves as well.

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