Saturday, August 3, 2013

Farmers Market II

Since I still had a little surplus of honey left, although not as much as before as people kept calling wanting more and my mother likes to hand it out to everyone she knows as well. Anyway I still had enough left to make another trip to the market worthwhile.

Still no really good looking and presentable tomatoes worth mentioning but in all honestly veggy sales weren't too bad this morning. Vegetables alone would not be worth the trip in my opinion but as a little side sales I can't complain. I even had some repeat customers from last week. Once the melons and tomatoes start coming in they may in fact be worth a trip on their own.

As far as honey goes I am now completely sold out once again. The only bottle of honey on the Small-Hold now is the partial jar I keep for are own use and the jar I have packed up and still setting on my desk waiting to be mailed to Glock Mom because I keep forgetting to take it with me and mail.

I know I suck but it took me forever to find a proper sized box. It will be in the mail Monday I promise.

There are a few more organic self-grown sellers showing up now that the season is allowing more things to become ripe.

All and all it was worth the few hours in extra money that I can now turn around and put right back into my bee hives in preparation for next years growth.

If I had about twice to three times the producing hives that I have right now I would be making some pretty good money. Not anything to make me rich but certainly as much or more than I would be making doing the labor jobs I had been reduced to the last few years. Not to mention a much more pleasant work/life balance and atmosphere than dealing with Sociopathic managers and supervisors.

Thank God for all this rain we been getting.

Now it's time to go unload and put everything away. Hopefully the girls have a few more frames of honey capped and ready for harvesting.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP,

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful day at the Farmers Market. Your still getting rain? Wow, I wish we were getting some, it's awfully hot and dry here. I must admit the melons are growing like crazy this year, this maybe a good thing for you at the market soon. I hope your harvest is bountiful.

    1. Sandy - We got over an inch of Rain Friday again and some sprinkles yesterday. They are now calling for rain almost all week as well.

      I have hundreds of muskmelons but they are taking forever to ripen. The pumpkins are out of control.

  2. That still gives you something positive to do rather than just stay at home. Sounds to me like you could make a lot of useful contacts this way. People in your area who share your interests must go to that farmers market.

    1. HF - Oh yes indeed. In fact I have met several like minded individuals and now have a pretty good tally of feral bee hive locations scattered around.

      It's about the only socializing I have actually enjoyed in years.


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