Friday, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman is Toast

After the outburst of the Femocratic Jaba-the-Hut Judge yesterday who badgered and even swore Zimmerman in before he agreed to take the stand. The move to mention the jury could also convict on a lesser charge, which I thought was illegal to mention to a Florida jury but I must have been mistaken. To the opinion that Zimmerman is "Somewhat at fault for following and being there in the first place" I hear from almost every woman about this case.

I believe Zimmerman will be convicted of Manslaughter by the all woman jury that are somehow "his peers". Railroaded there by a leftist leaning Feminist judge trying to make a name for herself and he will also have all the extra time tacked on for using a firearm as well. Not that he will live long enough to serve the time mind you.

The minute they opened this case up for the all female jury to be able to "compromise" with the life of a mere man the gig was up.

If Zimmerman made one mistake it was in fact being there as some claim but not so much being there to even begin watching and following the thug but for giving the residents of that community his time and effort period. Even his neighbors (The female ones you will notice) hung him out to dry. Yes the one guy did back Zimmerman up but that is not enough, he should have never put himself on the line for those people who refuse to see what is happening to them and refuse to defend their own defender, let alone themselves, when the time comes.

I should be protesting outside that court house. I am ashamed I cannot figure a way to really get there and will always feel I should have.

The truth is Zimmerman is paying the price of being a White Male and defending himself even though he is not 100% White. The media jumped on his name and started this politically correct lynching because they were hoping he was White and now he will be sacrificed int he way these Leftist Femocrats want to sacrifice ALL White Men.

We should all be there defending him but all we can do now is place some faith that those six women will do what is right and just.

We will see.

Keep Prepping Everyone.


  1. Yeah, once the media and the professional race pimps got involved, it was a forgone conclusion he would be convicted of SOMETHING, no matter what. Both individuals involved exhibited some bad decision making in this instance. All of your latest comments on my blog went to the spam filter for some reason, but you are un-spammed now. Welcome back!

    1. Heh SD I was wondering what had happened. Thanks!!!

  2. I think you are right. Once the prosecutor was able to stack the jury with women, Zimmerman was history. There are some fine women out there who are shooters and second amendment supporters, but I'll bet you none of them made it past the selection process. It seems to me the Florida law is pretty straightforward. There's no duty to retreat and you can use deadly force in self defense of yourself or others. But once the Federal "Department of Justice" got involved, the law was out and political expediency was in.

    1. HF - You bet ya. I have some real issues with these things. Like you I know there are some damned good women out there, I see them comment here and read their blogs and I know sometimes when I bash feminism in general some of them feel I am bashing them as well so it is hard.

      It's the same with teachers too.

      Taken as a whole they both do so much damage you have to speak out against em but the individuals are different. Kinda a damned if you do damned if you don't thing.

  3. This piece was written by a liberal plant, right? To make right-wing looney tunes look even more buffoonish than they already are, right? If so, job well done!

  4. Zimmerman was nosey (and badly out of shape) pain in the neck who liked to play neighborhood cop. When he ran into a thuggish individual, he had no option other than the extreme one of shooting him. Any one with even a remote amount of common sense says that you should avoid putting yourself in these types of situation. Based on Florida law Zimmerman should get a pass, but I don't think of him as much of a hero.


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