Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Dog Days of Summer

The heat is climbing up on us here again, we had over a week of pleasant temps around the fourth but the rains seem to have stopped more or less. This time of year we get the scattered thunderstorms that may or may not drop any rain but two miles away can be a different story. So far the Small-Hold has not been very lucky. I think we got just enough to get stuff wet on the fourth.

The top layer of the soil is dried out now and cracking although the sub-soil still contains water so the plants have not started suffering any. The delicate or shallow rooted ones will be the first to show signs of stress. A couple of farmers here about have decided to risk a late or second corn planting which can be done if the rains cooperate. Pretty risky endeavor though.

Yesterday and today I really haven't done much. After finishing the garden mulch covering with all those wheel barrow loads and the last honey harvest I need to pick a new project to work on and that sometimes lowers my motivation as I try and choose the next move. The heat wave rolling in with it doesn't help either.

Looks to me like I need to get back to work on the raised beds. Whatever ones I get done now won't really begin use until next year but they have the advantage of having all the materials already purchased. The cistern hand pump sill just have to wait until next month.

I'm thinking this might be a good time to sneak out to the range.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. PP,

    I say take some time out and do something you really want to do...........go to the range :-)

    The heat is really drying out everything, we have large cracks, I'm hoping for a continuous gentle rain......soon!!!!

  2. Definitely go to the range. As you say, the rest can wait.

  3. Slinging hot lead will make anyone feel better. Imagine all the stress you can relieve if you fantasize about whom or what you are shooting..(big grin)


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