Saturday, July 13, 2013


Well the ladies of the Zimmerman jury proved my fears wrong and did the right thing.

I am relieved I was wrong and hope this is a sign of changes that have only been hinted at the last few years.

Now give Zimmerman back his sidearm please :)


  1. The blacks (NAACP) want the DOJ to go after G.Z. for racial profiling. Another example of the Liberals having a bitch fit.

    Fla AG still says this is about racial profiling. If I was still in FLA, the AG would not get my vote for re election.

    This is far from over, sad but true.

  2. Yea.. One point for the Ladies- From what I understand it was 5 in favor of acquittal with one lone hold out for manslaughter. Which I am guessing was either the single Juror, or the one who had moved here from Chicago.
    Then they asked for the instructions on manslaughter, probably to show the lone juror again that the state did not prove its case. so she changed her vote.
    Either way, Angela Corey is the State Attorney, needs to go, I began to dislike her when she decided to charge a 12 year old in the killing of his brother with murder 1. Its is a long and sad story to that case...but she lost my vote.

  3. The Judge was not exactly friendly to Zimmerman, either. So you definitely owe the ladies an apology.

    As I said earlier, I don't think of Zimmerman as a hero. Or maybe at best he was a fool who was trying to be heroic. But he also, clearly, was not guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter.

  4. I honestly believed he was a goner because the jury was all female as well. I'm glad I was wrong.


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